New Muse Song!

There’s new stuff from Muse? So why would I blog anything else today?

It’s called Dig Down, and the video is – once again – set in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic, digital world full of cyborgs and flickering monitors.

Remember Madness from their last album? Well, this is basically exactly the same song. The trouser-wobbling electronic bass is there, the Queen-esque theatrical guitars and vocals are there, Matt Bellamy’s imploring voice soaring over the lot of it. Not much progression here, to be honest.

Hmm. Jury’s out.

  • Andrew Fraser

    Why is Max Headroom in a Muse video?

  • Andrew Fraser > The s-s-s-s-similarity was not l-l-l-l-lost on me either.

  • Emil Jung

    Madness is from The 2nd Law. Drones is the last album. But it is Madness. Very much the same.

  • Emil Jung > Good point, well made. Wow. They really haven’t moved on, have they?