Mixed bag

I refuse to succumb to the temptation to use the phrase “Good News / Bad News”. Let’s be positive here. There’s only Good News and Less Good News. The Good News is really rather good, and the Less Good News, while being less good, really isn’t that Bad. In addition, there’s a good deal of Good News, and much less Less Good News today.

Which is good.

Good News 1: It appears that The Boy Wonder has done really rather well in his end-of-year school exams.

Good News 2: His sister made it onto the high achievers list for the Western Cape for her Trinity Singing exam. Hashtag VoiceOfAnAngle.

Good News 3: I spent the morning wandering around Kirstenbeagle Gardens with my dad. Loads of chat, loads of birds, loads of plants. And some photos using my new ND filters, too. More of that later.

Less Good News 1: I bought cheap shaving foam and it makes my face smell like a recently cleaned shopping mall restroom.

See? Not Bad at all!