Meanwhile, in Newcastle…

Yikes. This is turning into a beer ad blog.

OK, not really, but as some of you will know, I spent some of my student years at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Coming from Northern England, I was delighted to find that Newcastle was just like a concentrated version of… well… Northern England. The Geordie people are rightfully and fiercely proud of their city and their culture, yet friendly and welcoming to visitors. They also share the Yorkshire no nonsense attitude. And that last point is why, even if I can’t really believe that this ad is genuine, I can certainly believe that it could be:

Yes, I think this looks like it’s actually set “Over the Pond”, where they are wholly unaware of the term “Bollocks”, so there’s a chance that this could be real. And now I’m left craving a bottle of Dog. Ah luv a bitta Broon, lake.

Anyone know where I can get some in Cape Town, and relive some memories of younger, wilder days at The Strawberry?

UPDATE: More from Sky. I could have written this. In fact, I almost did.