Marmoset Monday

I very much doubt that this will become a regular feature on 6000 miles…, so enjoy this one while you can.

It’s the slightly belated South African version of Baby Marmoset Friday and (as you can read) probably came from here. In actual fact, the author of that second post then traced it back to somewhere else and additionally (and unsuccessfully) tried to trace it back even further. One can take that sort of “I really, really don’t want to infringe anyone’s copyright” thing too far in my opinion, and filling up an entire post with disclaimers is not particularly interesting. Filling up an entire post describing someone filling up an entire post with disclaimers is probably equally uninteresting. Sorry.

No, looking at baby pygmy marmosets attached to a human finger is where interesting is at.


Of course, there will be the doubters out there who believe that this is actually a photoshop job. Or a bloke with a seriously big finger.  But no – these are real monkeys and they’re real small.

It’s only the 8th and already my June Cute Quota is complete, despite the poo on it’s tummy.
It’s all about misery from here on in, I’m afraid.