Gold Rush

When I hear a song and I enjoy it, it doesn’t bother me who it’s by.

I’m not proud.

Obviously, if it was by Beyonce or Sicky Dion, I might have other thoughts, but then I wouldn’t enjoy anything by them, so moot point.

And of course, there are some bands and artists that I am more likely to enjoy; Death Cab For Cutie seem to be becoming one of them. I heard their new track Autumn Love this week, and loved it.

And I would love to share it with you, but there’s no video just yet, so I’m going to have to use their last release Gold Rush – in which lead singer Ben Gibbard takes a walk along his local pavement sidewalk playing a more subservient version of Richard Ashcroft.

Although this wasn’t the video I wanted to share, I do like the song and the narrative of the video: everyone being too concerned with their cellphones to notice that the world is irrevocably changing for the worse around them.

The eventual, inevitable smothering of our protagonist is not lost on me.

I feel his pain.