Gogo Penguin

Gogo Penguin is the latest fundraising idea from those clever folks at the Two Oceans Aquarium.
Basically, for the right sum of money, a penguin or (if you really have spread the wealth) several penguins will be brought along to attend your function and – scantily dressed in basically just some feathers – will entertain your guests for the evening with some hot and sexy dance moves.

Then, once the marine biologists have taken their hefty cut, the remainder of the profits are ploughed back into buying pilchards and oystercatcher polish, plus saving turtles and stuff.

Look, I’m right with you there in your abject horror at this clear exploitation of our Sphenisciform friends, but the good news is that I made all this up.

GoGo Penguin is actually:

a hard-hitting jazz meets electronica Manchester three piece

But this one – Bardo – from their new album A Humdrum Star (downloaded last night) seems more ambient than anything else.

And reminds me of the 90s Cafe del Mar chillout albums. All of them.

I’ve yet to make my way through the rest of the tracks, but this effort seems to suggest great promise for the album.

I’ll report back forthwith.