Flying high

We went to a rather windy Cape Town Kite Festival this morning. Of course, when you are attending a kite festival, wind is good. Otherwise it would be a string and colourful rug festival. Not that I am saying there is anything wrong with celebrating string and colourful rugs, but that’s not what we went there for and it’s not what we got.

Despite all the colour, my favourite shot of the day was this one:

One of the big “3D” kites which was tethered at ground level so you could get a really close look at exactly how it worked – which seemed to be somehow wind-related. You can find more black and white goodness here and a whole lot of colour in the Flickr set.

It was a cheap, fun day out, all in support of a good cause and I would fully recommend it: especially if you have kids.
The forecast is bright and breezy for tomorrow, so give it a go!