Issues. I have issues.

No. Not those ones. I’ve long given up trying to sort them out.

These are software issues. Specifically around the price of software.
A short while back, I bought a subscription to Adobe Lightroom to edit my photos. It costs $9.99 per month, which was then about R129.00. Since then, Jacob Zuma has got hold of the economy again and strangled a bit more of the life out of it, so that monthly subscription is now R145.10 (and likely to be higher by the end of this post, let alone the end of this year). Still, it’s great and I like what I’ve been able to do with it.
So, R145.10 per month. And that’s just for photos. If I want Premiere Pro to play with videos as well (and I do), then we’re looking at an additional $19.99 (or R290.20 at the moment) each month.


Simply, it’s not an option.

The trouble is that I have tried out Premiere Pro and I really enjoyed using it. The integration with Lightroom was lovely and everything just made sense. Sure, it was only a first step and I still have everything to learn about it, but I really think I could go places. But not at R300 (or however much more) per month.

And so I am resigned to using free software. Which is great, but it’s also more difficult to use software. I gave Da Vinci Resolve a go on the old PC and it broke it, but let’s be fair – that was probably down to the PC rather than the software. Still, I found the UI rather awkward, and there were nowhere near as many online tutorials available. I will need online tutorials.
If someone wants to donate an annual subscription for Premiere Pro to an *cough* young, aspiring filmmaker, then I’m sure that there are many better cases than mine out there, but I still won’t say no.

In the meantime, does anyone have any other suggestions of where to find a decent video editing package (and by “decent”, I mean good at video editing and reasonably priced)?

I’m ready to listen.