Eat. Pray. Love. Best. Review. Ever?

I don’t do films but I did (belatedly) catch sight of an abridged version of Peter Bradshaw’s review of Eat Pray Love today and it made me smile.

Sit, watch, groan. Yawn, fidget, stretch. Eat Snickers, pray for end of dire film about Julia Roberts’s emotional growth, love the fact it can’t last for ever. Wince, daydream, frown. Whimper, moan, grimace. Wriggle, writhe, squirm. Seethe, growl, rage.

This is merely a cleverly written variant of the same feelings that I have heard from Mrs 6k, friends and colleagues who have had the misfortune of wasting several hours of their lives with Ms Roberts.

Does anyone know anyone who actually liked this film?