A single second half goal was all the separated Italian giants AC Milan and Luxembourg club F91 Dudelange in their Europa Cup encounter on Thursday. I had to look up where Dudelange even was, but I found out some interesting Dudlange facts, which I’m going to share with you now.

Dudelange is Luxembourg’s third most populous town, with a massive 19,734 residents, meaning that almost 3½% of the country’s population live there.

Incredibly, despite the town’s miniscule size, F91 Dudelange was formed when 3 (three) other clubs –  Alliance Dudelange, Stade Dudelange and US Dudelange – amalgamated in 1991.

Dudelange is famed for the Dudelange Radio Tower: a 285-metre high freestanding steel framework FM radio and television transmission tower, details of which can be found on Wikipedia under three categories.

That last one relates to an incident in July 1981 when a Belgian military plane hit the tower, with understandably tragic results.

At the time of writing, the most recent post on the Dudelange town website is this one:

inviting local residents in French and German to come and pick their own fruit at one of the town’s four public orchards.

Dudelange has an inactive Twitter account with 70 followers.