• Stan

    Awesome goal, even though the keeper was nowhere.

  • Unfortunately it would appear that the Fat Lady is singing for Tottenham in the Champions League (this season and possibly even next season!). I’m just glad Man U beat Chelski. Wouldn’t want to see them lifting the trophy ANYTIME soon.

    As for this goal, great start for another team seemingly on it’s way out…

  • I wonder who was more suprised the goalie or the kicker?(scorer/striker???)

  • Stan > Much like when the Frank Lampard shot the went past him in Bloemfontein.
    (Except that this one was actually given as a goal)

    Delboy > Yes. That was spanky, spanky time. And not in a good way.

    Pamela > Given that it was just 25 seconds into the game, I think everyone was a bit shocked.

  • If you want to carry on the way the country is going now… you either be a criminal or being paid to write such utter nonsense.