DA leader Mmusi Maimane makes “a keynote speech” on Race and Identity in his party and in South Africa, and suddenly Twitter is “mysteriously” unavailable?

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Could it be that the ANC have blocked access so that no-one was able to hear or engage with this landmark address?

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Probably not, to be honest.

UPDATE: Still, the fact that this was a worldwide outage hasn’t stopped some people (namely Mmusi’s wife) from thinking the worst:

Do you really think they’re that bothered? Really?
Eish. Bit of a stretch.

  • RichardAtCT

    I thought maybe the DA arranged it to avoid backlash!

  • RichardAtCT > We’re giving both parties far too much credit here.

  • Leigh

    Can’t decide if I’m happy or sad to have missed all the commentary

  • Leigh > You’re lucky, that’s what you are. 🙂

  • Bloubergman

    Thought the Madam had crashed twitter when she got a copy of the speech 1 hour before…

  • Bloubergman > Well, no-one knows what he said now anyway.

  • Bloubergman

    Or cares.