Late crossword

I’m going to be in trouble.
This was supposed to be posted over the weekend, but I did other stuff instead.

Here’s a summary of the exciting stuff that I did instead:

Some taxidermy.
Some standing in the South Atlantic Ocean at 9 o’clock at night.

Please click those links. I need the traffic.
The weekend was great fun, but it wasn’t posting this month’s crossword.

(here’s the link if you can’t see that crossword puzzle above).

Good luck. Even I managed to do ok on this one. 🙂

Maybe no-one will notice that it’s a couple of days late.

Crosswords: still tough

I like to consider myself an intelligent guy. Science, English, Kwik Maffs, a smattering of modern foreign languages, a good general knowledge (not films though – I don’t do films)… generally, I’m ok. But, despite reading several (or more) articles entitled How To Do Cryptic Crosswords or similar, I still have actually no idea How To Do Cryptic Crosswords.

The Crossword Guy who designs the monthly crossword here on 6000 miles… very patiently takes me through the clues and explains how they relate to the answer. There are certain rules and phrases which are used to point you in the right direction. I get this.

But it does seem to me that those rules don’t always apply.
And that makes things quite difficult.

NEVERTHELESS… You might be better at cryptic crosswords than I am (wouldn’t be difficult) and you might want to have a go at March’s offering.

Who am I to deny you that pleasure?


As ever (because the plugin doesn’t always work) if you can’t see the puzzle just above this line, then you need to click here.

And, just because I don’t always follow the rules either, I got both the film-related clues in this month’s puzzle.

Happy crosswording.

Drought crossword

Incoming from Mr Crossword himself:

I’ve uploaded a new crossword – attempted a Cape Town drought theme.

And he had. And he did. Here you go:


A couple of genius clues in there this month. 5 across and 4 down were particular favourites. And I think it must be easier than usual because I managed most of it this time around. Enjoy!

Still struggling to get this to appear on the homepage, so if you can’t see the puzzle above, simply click here to reload.

January’s highbrow moment

“Better late than never”, so the old adage goes.
“Better never late!” as my Mum used to say.

But this is ever so slightly behind schedule, such as any schedule exists for the monthly 6000 miles… crossword puzzle. So apologies for that.

Anyway, I know you’ve been waiting, so without any further ado:


Starts ok, doesn’t it? 1 across is an absolute doozy.
But you can leave me with your forging warpaths by the time we get to number 18.

As ever, if you can’t see the crossword above, click here to reload the original page.

Weekend puzzle

Meh. Friday. It’s almost the weekend. Don’t @ me.

Last month’s 6000 miles… crossword post was a huge success. A whole two people got in touch about it. Not all of the comments were positive, but equally not all of them were negative either and that’s a new record for this blog.

Thus, without further ado, here’s this month’s offering:

(Again – if you don’t see an interactive crossword puzzle above, click here to reload this page.)

Nice early invoking of this guy.

Even I managed to get quite a few clues this time around.
How did you get on?