Last minute QP

I’ve been busy doing jobs and having fun today. Jobs included putting up a shelf, fun included some 10-pin bowling.

I almost forgot to blog.

Here’s Cape Town Harbour Breakwater Light Tower. The Starboard one.

I think that the weird sea wall with its angle-cut semi-circular wave defences catching the summer sun lends itself to a bit of monochrome. Cliché? Ja… ok, maybe a bit, but it’s just so nice and simple.

And it fills an otherwise empty gap on here.

Weather news

The searing heat has been replaced by gale force winds. On the plus side, it’s been horribly hot and I’m happy that’s gone, but on the down side, it’s now blowing a gale force wind.

This seems to be the plan now for the foreseeable future, too. The weekend will feature gusts of almost 100kph. And this is summer.

When I moved over here several years ago, the South Easter used to blow from October until December. But there’s been a clear (if anecdotal) season creep and the wind now blows into February. If you want (anecdotal) evidence of this, come back in February and I’ll show you. But the next few days (not quite February) are looking fairly hectic.

Sadly, the South Easter doesn’t make for very exciting swells, so I won’t be getting any decent photos of that, but given that I still have three days worth of pics to get edited (I was doing paid edits for other people overnight), you probably weren’t expecting much anyway, right?

That didn’t work very well

The plan, as you may already know, was to take some time this morning to write a proper blog post. Things started so well: the kids went back to school and were even mildly enthusiastic about doing so, the beagle was fed and settled in for its post-breakfast nap. Perfect.

And then it all started to go astray. Suddenly there were phone calls to make, a wine farm to find, a table to measure (don’t even ask), a shop or two to get to and a last minute dot com photography assignment.
Things fall apart. And they did, a bit.

And so, I’m putting a small one up here now (careful now) and the plan is to put a bigger one up later. Some fun photos of penguins, seals and dolphins (the Holy Trinity of Table Bay sealife) from yesterday. But right now, I’m carefully stepping over the dozing dog and heading off Stellies toe.

A hot day

A hot day. Not even any cooler on the waters of Table Bay. Dad’s birthday trip went really well: great weather, nice crew, a yacht almost to ourselves.

The sun has taken it out of us and we’re all a bit knackered now. I haven’t had chance to look at photos, but this was not about taking pictures.

An early start tomorrow as the kids head back to school, so maybe an opportunity to write a “proper” blog post before a work trip out towards Stellenbosch. Watch this space, although I promise nothing.


No, not the other way around. Because:

I was decidedly unwell this morning, and although I was (sort of) back on track by lunchtime, it’s left me feeling lifeless, flat and feeling altogether bleugh. An early night is called for.

I’d better be completely better by tomorrow morning, because we’re going on a yacht. To be exact, apparently, we’re going on a Schooner.

a sailing ship with two or more masts, typically with the foremast smaller than the mainmast

I don’t know how many masts our schooner has, but I do know that it’s at least two, and I will let you know as soon as we do.

Just to be clear, I haven’t cleared any of this with the 6000 miles… yachting correspondent, and I’ wondering if perhaps I should have done. But we’re not planning on Schooning far: just a quick and pleasurable pootle around Table Bay and then back for lunch.

Will there be photos? Really?
Does the Pope shit in the woods?