And that was it…

This morning – right now, in fact – I find myself sitting in front of a computer in an office adjoining a laboratory.

This isn’t right, is it? Is it?

Surely there should be boats and fields and seaside and beer and family and sunshine?

Sure there should be… freedom?

But no. We’re back, after yesterday’s marathon twenty-something hour trip. It’s been a truly amazing few weeks away and I’m not quite ready for this sudden return to work. There’s sleep to make up, thoughts to process, photos to edit, stories to share (oh, so many stories – this one was eventful), reviews to post.

And on top of all that, there’s real life to catch up on.

I’m in that weird place between the exhilaration of travel and the crushing realisation that it’s all over. Limbo. A twilight zone.

Forgive me while I get things in order here.

Believe me, I’ll be in touch soon.

Finals Day

This is another prewritten post, so I don’t know who is challenging for the 2018 World Cup. In fact, at this stage (the tournament kicks off in about 3 hours), even Google is unaware:

And you know that if Google doesn’t know, then neither does anyone else.

8 years ago, it was the final of the World Cup in South Africa. And, while it wasn’t held in Cape Town, I still think a quota photo of the stadium is somehow appropriate. After all, one of the semi-finals (I believe there’s one of them happening today?) was held here:

I actually took this in December 2009 – on the night of the draw for the World Cup in South Africa, after a busy night on Long Street.


National Lakes

I got sent an email. It read:

National Lakes is a new band featuring Black Hotels singer and songwriter John Boyd.

And there were Facebook and Soundcloud links attached.

Given my favourable opinions of the Black Hotels (you’ll have heard them here, here and here), I wasn’t going to give this one a miss.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

So much of The Cure in that music. So much of… er… The Black Hotels in that voice: the gentle yet precise annunciation.

Lovely. Nice work, John Boyd.

Fish news

News from the housesitter:

Fish are doing fine.

Which they should be, because Cape Town’s climate is much better than Siberia’s when it comes to owning pet fish.

No news on the beagle this morning yet, though.

Oh well.

Dun fishin’

The chances are that we will be doing some fishing when we get over to the Isle of Man. But although we are currently living and traveling on a canal/river (depending on how the journey North has been going) (pre-written post, see?), I’m not too keen to chuck a line over the side here.

Yeah. That talk of fishing was merely an excuse for an arty quota photo of a puffer fish which we found washed ashore on the beach at Suiderstrand. Its remarkable appearance, coupled with some early morning light and the addition of a subtle muted preset or two on Lightroom gave a striking, minimalist image.

Lots of dead stuff washes up on the beach in Agulhas. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, I think it’s just a natural thing. Nothing lasts forever, and when it doesn’t last forever somewhere out at sea, it’s likely that it’s going to end up washed up onto a beach somewhere. When it is washed up on a beach near us, we find it, because we’re observant like that.

Examples of this at Suiderstrand include birds, seals, puffer fish (see above) and – importantly, not seagulls or turtles.