Technology is great…

…when it works.

Draft night was good fun last night, but mere minutes before its conclusion, the technology decided to “roll back” the draft “up to and including round 1, pick 1”.

161 players were lost. Yes, including Mo Salah.

Fortunately, some much-appreciated manual labour by El Presidente means that we now find those 161 players reallocated to their respective fantasy teams and we go again this evening to fill the remaining 31 positions. Three of those picks are mine, and I have two surefire winners in mind. I’ll probably mess up the other one, as usual.

In tenuously related news, I paid for my pizza and beer last night with six R20 notes. That’s because technology is great when it works.
I drew R600 from the ATM on Monday, and every last Rand came out in R20 notes. We have R50s, R100s and even R200s, and you can work out many, many permutations making up 600 bucks… but oh no, I had to get thirty brown ones. Why would any machine think that was a good idea? Now my wallet is so full, it hurts when I sit on it, but I’m still not ever so rich.

Technology is great. When it works.


Draft night tonight, so I’m getting in early with something of a quota photo. And after our last two football matches being postponed due to adverse weather, I’m hoping for some sunshine. Hence this pic:

This is the Touwsrivier Solar Electricity Array, just off the N1 near… well… Touwsrivier.

It’s big. Check out the foreground in that shot of mine up there and you’ll note that there’s a full size railway line running in front of the CPV systems. Dwarfed by the panels behind it. Dwarfed.

The plant cost R1 billion to build back in 2014, covers 470 acres (190 ha), has a nameplate capacity of 44MW and a capacity factor of… er… 23%. Eish.

Inefficiency can like to be solar energy’s middle name.

Let’s hope for some decent weather today, not just so that Touwsrivier can make some much-needed electricity, but also so that we can actually get a match in before I choose some iffy EPL players to ruin my fantasy season.


I’ve been doing golf wrong

Fortunately, this Google ad has put me right.

Sadly for them, the image on the advertisement does rather give away the secret for unlocking true power at any age. (But won’t I need shorter clubs?)

And if it works for golf (which it clearly does, looking at all the golfers at any age who are using it on the professional circuit), then I have every hope that it will finally unlock true power on the football field tomorrow evening.

At any age.


For one reason or another (but mainly one reason), I haven’t been checking out much of the pre-season football that’s been occurring over the last few weeks. This has left me rather behind the curve with the annual fantasy football draft night coming up this week. And that’s why I have hijacked the TV for the afternoon and am doing some swift reconnaissance watching Manchester City and Liverpool.

Early days? Sure, but I think that it’s fairly clear that I won’t be selecting any Liverpool defenders -or midfielders – because apparently they simply don’t exist. Or maybe they’re just still on holiday. Either way, I can’t see them making a big splash early on in the season if they’re not even going to turn up.

That group of individuals aside, I do have a strategy for picking my players this year. And obviously, I can’t give that away just yet. Although, given my performance in previous seasons, I doubt that it would make any difference anyway.

Draft night is always a fun occasion, full of power banks, pizza and pisstaking. This season, with our league spread across four continents (although only three for the actual event), will surely be no different.

I’ll let you all review my team once it’s set in stone, so you’ll be able to predict just how routinely disappointing my fantasy season will be.


Recently, I have found myself awake a lot at night. I have been known to go through patches of insomnia now and again in the past, but this has been going on for almost two weeks now. It follows on from my trip up north, during which sleep was necessarily at a premium, and after which I banged out only the second 12 hour slumber since I moved to SA. That was great, but it was the last decent night’s sleep I can remember.

So what’s the issue here?

My best guess is computer exposure. I have been sitting in front of a screen for several (or more) hours each day, and I think that my system (as in my body system, not my computer system) has forgotten how to manage that. It’s just not used to it anymore and one of the effects is not being able to sleep, even when I’ve switched off the laptop by 8pm.

And then once I’m not asleep, my mind really kicks in with all of the thoughts necessary to keep me awake for quite literally hours on end. Important stuff, trivial stuff that it thinks now should be considered important, a full analysis of why I’m not sleeping and just how much sleep I’m not getting, wondering if I should set up a phone farm, and myriad concerns over who I should pick for my fantasy league side for the upcoming season.

I haven’t been paying much attention for the last couple of months.

I’m due a catch up night, and I have high hopes that it might happen tomorrow. The situation is currently manageable, albeit with slightly slower reactions and a slightly shorter fuse than normal (but I have a pretty long one anyway) (careful now), but will soon become untenable if things continue this way. Thankfully, if all else fails, draft night is on Tuesday so I won’t be able to worry about my picks for much longer anyway.

But then suddenly, it’ll be the real thing on my mind. Oh goodness.