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Brian on photoing photographers

Brian has been photographing photographers for a long time now, and when you do something for a long time, your ideas around the subject tend to evolve: At first, my photos of photographers were just photos of photographers. But soon I was subdividing that huge category, into photographers taking selfies, photographers looking at the photos they’d […]

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A Guy Called Them Out On Their Clickbait Tweets. You’ll Never Guess What Happened Next.

Boo. Shame on you, 2Oceansvibe! Remember when Seth et al. had a sense of humour? Them were the days, hey?

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24 Times Private Eye Nailed It In 2014

I love Private Eye, and they’ve had another superb year: Here’s a Buzzfeed listicle of some of their best bits.

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Winter Landscape Photography Tips

Yes, I’m aware that it’s not winter in South Africa, but it’s very wintery here and if you are here, you might need to take some landscape pictures to record just how wintery it is right now. Fortunately, 500px has all the hints and tips you need to to take the perfect winter lanscape photograph. Unfortunately, much […]

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Kayak love

Not the canoe boat thing. No, I’m talking about the website and especially the app. Kayak isn’t new. Even I have been using it for years. I don’t travel overseas often, but when I do, it’s indispensable and thus, it remains one of my favourite apps. You can use it to book cheap flights and […]

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