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Scary animals ruin Waterfront

Not quite. But almost. Incoming from the Two Oceans Aquarium (where we’re going on Saturday) – there’s been an invasion of isopods. Isopods refer to a group of crustaceans that include terrestrial and aquatic species like woodlice and rock lice. Some isopods eat decaying plant and animal matter, others graze on food particles from the […]

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It’s a sad thing, but the lovely Airbus A380 can’t use Cape Town International Airport. Given that we can fill a couple of Emirates 777s and two BA 747s each day (plus Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Swissair, Singapore Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Air France and Qatar flights), there’s definitely passenger demand for big planes. It’s just that, […]

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North Cape

At the other end of the world from us, but sharing some of our nomenclature, is North Cape – right at the top of Russia, deep within the Arctic Circle and not far from the big red and white striped pillar known as the North Pole. Photographer Andrei Shapran has been there taking photos since 2005. It […]

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Here, via The Poke, are 28 Invaluable Lifestyle Tips From Chat Magazine. Some aren’t that bad, although there was nothing that jumped out at me as being a really good idea. However, there are several that are just terrifyingly, mind blowingly, bewilderingly bizarre: A sobering reminder: These people exist, and they walk among us.

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Brian Bilston

Some interesting stuff is to be found via Brian Bilston’s twitter account. This poem, for instance, describing his response to the social anxieties of New Year salutations: Or a link to his DIY-themed reworking of the Arctic Monkeys’ I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor [youtube]. But perhaps my favourite was this poignant verse […]

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