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Quick PSA

This Parenting Service Announcement is brought to you by me having no time to bring anything else to you. This is from the excellent @TwopTwips twitter account, via The Poke. This also goes for getting a dog. I speak from bitter, bitter experience.

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We like Iceland here on 6000 miles… – you only have to look at our extensive Iceland section to see that. Now, you’d do well to remember that Iceland is the best place in the world to be if you want to take amazing landscape photographs, but even so, our love of all thing Icelandic has only been […]

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Football reviews

Too few people follow Rochdale FC. Considering that they are over 100 years old and have a very cool stadium name: Spotland, they deserve more fans. But really who is going to take the plunge and support a football team if they don’t know exactly what it’s like watching one of their matches away from […]

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Lumineers, described

This is a great cartoon from Wrong Hands, the Indie example being my favourite in that it basically sums up the Lumineers and Mumford & Sons, in one handy timeline. I don’t listen to Country, Blues, Pop or Classic Rock enough to comment on those particular examples, but given the unerring accuracy of the Indie […]

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This is the best photograph I’ve ever seen

Obviously, it’s not one of mine. First off, that would surely be the best photograph I’ve ever taken (although I suppose that technically it could fall into both categories if I was feeling particularly boastful) and secondly, it’s laughable anyway because mine aren’t anywhere near this standard. I am merely a microbiologist with a camera. And I […]

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