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The Falconer

Continuing with this week’s wildlife/animal theme, here’s a nice video of Nigel Wassall, a falconer from the Isle Man, doing… falcon stuff… on the Isle of Man. Here’s the blurb: The Falconer follows Nigel Wassall, a falconer of 40 years, as he flies his beloved birds of prey on the beautiful landscapes of the Isle of […]

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Some time ago, we featured the Bollards of London blog on here. Sadly, it seems that that venture has disappeared from the internet. What a load of boll…ards. Presumably, they found them all and there was nothing else to document. But there are still plenty of other niche blogs around, and here’s one: Pylon of […]

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Google Maps Pac-man

For a limited time only: Play pac-man on your local streets: Go to Google Maps, find yourself an area with lots of roads (Cape Town CBD will do nicely), and look for the big Pac-Man icon on the bottom left: At which point you zoom in to street level and Strand Street et al become your feeding […]

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Swedish Sun Shot

The solar eclipse passed over a cloudy UK yesterday, annoying many would-be observers and photographers. When it passed over Umeå in Sweden, however, things were a bit different – giving us stuff like this: I’m not sure if this was a planned shot, or if Joakim Poromaa Helger (for it was he wot took it) meant […]

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Ashley saves the day

Wait… what? Here’s a Trip Advisor review of The Verano Lounge in Brighton. I’ve screenshotted it just in case it doesn’t stand the passage of time for any reason. (UPDATE: Good call – it’s already disappeared) Well done, Ashley Cole. I think we all hate that sort of thing. Further investigation of Phil L’s Trip […]

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