The obsession continues

Funky piano music. The Mavic Pro. And Iceland – obviously Iceland.

I checked with the guy in charge (spoiler: there’s only me here) and I thought that there was just enough piano music, just enough Mavic footage and just enough Iceland for this video to make the cut for the blog.

There’s a few too many people in there for it to be perfect (in my eyes, at least), but everything else about it is pretty impressive.

I’m still struggling with videos from my Mavic. Two main reasons: I haven’t been taking the right videos when I’m out and about (something I’m looking to correct when we go away again this long weekend), and then then editing is an issue. My PC doesn’t have enough power to run a decent editing program and my pocket doesn’t have enough money in it to rectify that right now. Hey, I just bought an n thousand Rand drone.

When you look at the quality of the editing on videos like the one above, you realise that the bar is set pretty high. There’s a lot to learn and no easy way to learn it right now. This is a prob

Future Islands at Coachella

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was chasing the new Future Islands album. I caught it just before we left for Namibia, but there wasn’t much time to give it a good listen on the Orange River. And when I did get around to it, it was actually rather disappointing. The new Elbow album wasn’t like that – it was instantly captivating. But sometimes you need to hear things a couple of times before they grab you.

Patience, grasshopper.

Now I’ve heard it a bit more, I’m there. Right with it. Singing along, loving it. And then there was this:

Sam Herring emulating his infamous Letterman appearance – at least in part – live on stage in California last weekend. For the record, the latest single, Ran, is also available on the Coachella channel. There’s some good Radiohead too, but that’s not what this post is about.
UPDATE: This channel has since disappeared. Weird. 

As for the album, from a slow start, it’s become a very real contender for the coveted 6000 miles… Album of the Year award. I’m really intrigued to see what gets released from it too. I have my favourites (spoiler: they’re Ancient Waters and Cave), but let’s wait and see if the band/record label agrees.

Dam scary

Please do click through to Wessel Wessels’ album of photographs taken at the Theewaterskloof Dam (the largest of the six main dams that supply water to Cape Town). It makes for sobering viewing:

Theewaterskloof is currently just 25% full.
Not this bit of it, obviously.
This bit isn’t full at all.

Planes, Trains and… Ships.

We shared with you back in 2010.

We shared with you back in 2011.

We’ve fallen down a bit on finding you online transport tracking options in the intervening 6 years, but now we’re back with a bang – and with

Singularly useless in South Africa, but absolutely invaluable in the UK, you can track every train in Britain LIVE, as if it were a plane or a boat on one of those websites we mentioned above.

There (as an example) is the 13:26 from Lincoln to Sheffield – bang on time as it passes the industrial hellhole that is Worksop.

It’s wholly hypnotic, utterly nerdy and actually rather useful if you’re catching or meeting a train. But since I’m not catching or meeting a train today, I’m just being a hypnotised nerd.

Choo choo, m***********r!

QOTD -Trovato style

I hadn’t read Ben Trovato for a while.

When I did, it was this and it had this applicable quote in it:

I don’t have a fear of missing out. I have a fear of not knowing.
It’s unlikely to become a thing because Fomo is so much more of a catchy acronym than Fonk.

This is very me. I don’t need to be where something is happening when it’s happening. I just need to know that it is happening.

I have added Ben Trovato to the blogroll, so I know when he has posted.
I’d hate to miss out.