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Swedish Sun Shot

The solar eclipse passed over a cloudy UK yesterday, annoying many would-be observers and photographers. When it passed over Umeå in Sweden, however, things were a bit different – giving us stuff like this: I’m not sure if this was a planned shot, or if Joakim Poromaa Helger (for it was he wot took it) meant […]

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Ashley saves the day

Wait… what? Here’s a Trip Advisor review of The Verano Lounge in Brighton. I’ve screenshotted it just in case it doesn’t stand the passage of time for any reason. (UPDATE: Good call – it’s already disappeared) Well done, Ashley Cole. I think we all hate that sort of thing. Further investigation of Phil L’s Trip […]

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Away at Bristol City

I watched Sheffield United at Bristol City back in 2010. It was cold and horrible. We lost. Heavily. Still, perhaps that was a one off (Spoiler: no, it wasn’t – we often lose); perhaps others have had a more positive experience at Ashton Gate. Let’s head back to rochdaleawaydayreview (you may remember him from this […]

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Some more Friday Ephemera

Hey, blog reader. Let’s not beat about the Baardskeerdersbos here (more of that below): you’ve had a good week on here. Well. Prolific, at least. Nine posts on here already and I’m about to add a tenth. Forget your old adages about Quality over Quantity. You get what you’re given. And here comes another spoonful […]

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Lego Beagle coming soon?

More beagle news? Sort of – but this is actually Beagle news, with a capital B. And that’s because it relates to the ship that Charles Darwin did his stuff on. Proper nouns FTW. It’s now been 180 years since Darwin’s voyage to South America and those infamous Galapagos finches, and as history shows, he went […]

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