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Frank and Tony’s BUNVENT calendar

Sheffield artist Pete McKee is counting down to Christmas by having two of his favourite characters, Frank and Tony, passing comment on different patisserie products each day. Some of the cartoons are a little niche and will mean more to folk from Sheffield and t’surrounds, but others will appeal to all. Here are a few […]

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Best of the Month

Hey! Look! It are the best photos from November from National Geographic’s Travel 365 pages. It can like to include this one of the Aurora Borealis taken in Dyrholahverfi in Iceland. More loveliness from the bits of our planet we haven’t broken yet, here.

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Metros of the world

I like this. It’s one of those Neil Freeman data visualisations. Here are the 140 “high capacity, grade-separated heavy rail” systems (city metros) of the world, all neatly put together on one handy image, from sprawling Shanghai: to little Lausanne: Worst. Metro. Ever. Looks like an unravelled Ebola virus. And once they’re all listed in order, […]

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Estate Agent Photos

House prices are going up. I think. Sales have likely recovered from the 2008 slump and are (possibly, at least) breaking records. Estate agents are probably doing ok – more than ok – financially. [did you research this post at all? – Ed.] And, in other news, technology is getting better, cheaper, easier to use and […]

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Cape Town Clouds Make Sky News

Sky News. Clouds. SKY News… Geddit? *sigh* But yes, the Sky News website finally caught up with Cape Town’s spectacular lenticular cloud formations of Sunday afternoon, and told the world about them. The story quotes photographer Kyle Mijlof as saying: “I was on my scooter at the time, driving along Signal Hill back home to […]

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