On the rocks

On the rocks, originally uploaded by Ballacorkish.

On the rocks in more ways than one.
I have been suffering with horrendous stomach ache today and it’s because of this that you’re only getting a quota photo this evening.
I am putting it down mainly to last night’s prawn madras: at least the combination of that and the beer and brandy.
Add to that the [few] hours sleep I managed and it’s a recipe for disaster.
The rest of the Boulders photos can be found here. And jolly nice some of them are, too.

More tomorrow, should I last that long.

Roman Rock

One of a great many photos that I took at Boulders Beach this morning, more of which I will upload tomorrow morning as there is a rugby and curry evening starting 4 minutes ago and we’re hosting. Oops.

This is the Roman Rock Lighthouse, just outside Simonstown Harbour, thus satisfying my lighthouse fetish. And, in the foreground, some of the famous Boulders on the beach, which was actually surprisingly devoid of penguins  – apart from the odd one every now again stumbling onto the sand after being pushed down the path by TMNP employees desperate to keep the tourists happy.

As I said, more photos tomorrow. But now: some Tri-Nations and a quart of Castle Milk Stout. As you do.

Is this awesome (Y/N)?

I was just minding my own business when this old bloke with a long beard appeared and suddenly I found myself beached in Kommetjie.




Flying high, originally uploaded by Ballacorkish.

It’s been a taxing day in many ways and so we’re heading quota photoward again. Sorry about that.
This one could have been taken in Cape Town today (although it wasn’t): bright and sunny with stunningly clear blue skies, so we chopped down some trees in the garden and burned the wood under some meat.

It’s nice to be back home. Although the trees aren’t hugely happy about the whole return thing.


Pre-published quota photo as promised:

Oasis at Lourensford back in April.

I’m on a plane somewhere on my way back to Cape Town.

See you tomorrow.