Dog on a Pass

Feeling a bit better today. Still a bit short on energy, but I guess I didn’t eat anything for 36 hours, so that’s to be expected.
I’m catching up with all the stuff I missed yesterday: we’ve already been down onto the beach and cleaned out the rockpool (very limited numbers of anything exciting considering the size of the tide).

There’s more to do too, so please accept this quota photo of the beagle atop the Franschhoek Pass on our way down here.

Not bad for a phone photo of an animal that hates having its photo taken. (B)eagle-eyed viewers may spot some photoshopping because the lead attached to the dog really detracted from the overall image. But then, if the lead hadn’t have been there, the lack of dog would have been an equally large problem.

Flashback footprint

I’m¬†running a bit behind today, so I think we’re going to settle on a quota photo to bring in the new week. Racing through my extensive back catalogue, I’d chosen this one from a couple of years ago. But looking at it now, I thought that it could do with some editing, so I edited it and came up with this:

It’s still the bottom half of an elephant, and the inside of its back legs are still covered in elephant urine, but with a bit of Lightroom tweaking, you can see so much more detail of that bottom half and that urine.

What’s not to like?

More tomorrow.

Quota ostriches

Because of today’s plans, I’m preloading a photo of some ostriches for today’s post:

(B)eagle-eyed views may noticed that the junior ostrich in this image (the smaller one on the left of shot) has two heads. Upon investigation, it seems that this is generally considered very rare and so I am confident that one day, this photo will earn me a lot of money.

Quota skink

Out at the Black Oystercatcher a couple of weeks back, we spotted this Cape Skink (Trachylepsis capensis) on the way into the restaurant (us, not him).

Check the three stripe detail on those scales (bigger here). Sponsored by Adidas, clearly.

He was quite willing to pose for us, although disappeared into the “koffieklip” conglomerate when we got too close. It’s worth noting that these lizards can be domesticated, but also that wikipedia says that they “have a tendency to become quite overweight” in these cases.

This one was very tame and a seriously fat bastard.
So sure, n=1, but wikipedia seems to be spot on again.

Quick LE

Not much time to blog today between a quick visit to the Most Southerly Point, a drive back to Cape Town, a quick cooling swim and a concert this evening.

So, herewith another quota photo: taken at the MSP this morning, and taken with my new Gobe ND1000 filter.

Is it ethereal? Is it otherworldly? Did a crab try to eat my toe while I was taking it? The answer to that last one is a yes, by the way.
Bigger and (arguably) better on black here.

I love the misty seas and the smudgy sky, juxtaposed against the permanence of the rocks. I have a few other images to play with, but like I said: I’m in a hurry, right?

More tomorrow. Have a great evening.