Tern up

I’m tired. I mean really tired.

So please just enjoy this image of some terns I took at Rasper Punt in the Agulhas National Park this morning and I’ll explain the rest tomorrow.

Extra marks and possible bonus points will be awarded for anyone who can identify the terns in the photo. But if you’re struggling a bit, don’t worry – so am I.

Back down south

What with one thing or another (but mainly one thing), we haven’t been able to get down to Agulhas for too long. I remedied that today, by hitting first the R316 and then the R319.

Spring has sprung here and it’s good to be back.

We did lunch in our favourite pub, walked on our favourite beach, and collected bags and bags of our favourite plastic waste as our part of that Big Beach Cleanup thing that I can’t find a link to right now.

If the clouds stay away, I might even play with the camera after dark. Or alternatively I might play with some brandy.

Either way: it’s a winner.


Here’s a Cape Fur Seal (Arctocephalus pusillus) togged in the harbour at Hout Bay the other day. Obviously, this isn’t all of it – just its head. I have good reason to believe that the rest of it was attached to the head though. You’ll just have to imagine what lies below the waterline (body, flippers, aquatic unicycle etc).

Wikipedia has some interesting information on the nomenclature of the Cape Fur Seal.

The Brown Fur Seal, also known as the Cape Fur Seal, South African Fur Seal and the Australian Fur Seal, is a species of Fur Seal.

A species of Fur Seal, you say? If only those naming variations somehow reflected that.

In fact, stating the obvious seems to be de rigueur when it comes to Fur Seal facts. Here’s arklive.org:

The female brown fur seal is browner than the male, but still has a dark brown belly.

I wonder if it’s furry, too?

Just an image

You’ve had almost 1000 words over the last couple of days, on subjects as diverse as a local sign and a local sign. Thank goodness Thursday’s post wasn’t also about a local sign. That would show a distinct lack of imagination on my part.


Anyway, it’s trying my keyboard and probably your patience, too.
So here’s something shorter and less signeseque.

It’s a different view of Beau Constantia, Constantia Glen and across the Cape Flats from several (or more) metres above Constantia Nek. See it better presented here.

We had a great time at Constantia Glen last weekend, with good friends, good views and superb wine.
The rest of the weekend was fun too – here are the photos.

Quite astounding

I’ve been dashing around the Northern Suburbs of the Mother City this morning; collecting documents, running errands, and generally braving the N1 traffic.

I’d rather be elsewhere…

How astounding is this ethereal image of the French barque Belem in the Nærøyfjord in Norway? The muted colours, the silent waterfall, the layers of mist and cloud, the permanence of the mountains.

Even better bigger and on black here.

Brilliant work by Bent Inge Ask, whose entire photostream is wonderful.