Some more flight

Yesterday was an incredible day for flying the Mavic*. It’s now just about a year since I got this machine and the technology still blows me away every time I use it. I’ve flown over 140km in that time, in three different countries, desperately trying to improve my piloting and photography techniques each time I’m taken it up, and having a lot of fun along the way.

Here’s one from earlier:

What a day. What a place.

When I look back to the earliest photos I took, and remember how utterly terrifying those first flights were – very much like one’s first driving lessons – it’s almost amusing. I have much more confidence now (obviously) and measure my flight distances in km rather than 10s of metres. 🙂

Still room for improvement though. Always room for improvement!

Here are yesterday’s photos taken in and around beautiful Suiderstrand in Cape Agulhas.


* today may also be a good day, but I’m writing this yesterday, so I just don’t know yet.

The Favourite Restaurant Quandary

You know when you have a favourite place to eat out? It might be somewhere you treat yourself to once every few weeks or even months.
You might go there most every day.

Bihari in Newlands is my one of those. Sadly, I can’t afford the time, the financial outlay or the likely detrimental effect on my health and weight to eat there every day. But if I could, of course, I would.

We were there this week and the chicken jal frezi was better than ever. And I can say this with great confidence, because I never order anything else when I go there. I can’t, because then I would be missing out on the chicken jal frezi. And how could anything be better than the chicken jal frezi?

Well, I suppose it could, but I will never know, because I will never take that risk.

It seems somewhat sad to never try anything else there, but I never will. However, it’s the only place where I’m like this. Even at other restaurants where I have really enjoyed my meal, the next time I go back I will try something else. But not at Bihari.

Thursday night’s chicken jal frezi was sublime and did nothing to change my approach. In fact, if anything, it merely cemented the dish as my all-time go-to curry there. But even if it hadn’t been as good as usual, next time’s chicken jal frezi would have made everything better.

Take my advice. Go to Bihari. Have the chicken jal frezi.

Then do it again.

Just Seventeen

No, not the 1980s UK magazine for girls (other genders are available):

Nor the hugely dodgy naughty website that likely holds that name today (no, I haven’t looked, but you can kinda guess, right?).

No. Today in Cape Town, the ambient temperature is going to be some 17 degrees Celsius cooler than yesterday. In many places, this would cause huge problems. For example: if Sheffield’s weather today was 17 degrees colder than yesterday, it would be -12ºC there. That would – I’m willing to suggest – cause myriad problems. Quite reasonably too.

But Cape Town was unpleasantly warm yesterday. I counted 42 of Anders’ evil little buggers when I went out yesterday lunchtime.

So a forecast of 25ºC today in the Mother City is not only seventeen degrees fewer than yesterday, but it’s also most welcome.

Thank you, Great Deity of Thermostats.


I said that I was going to try to use less plastic this year. But that doesn’t mean that I’ll be able to stop using plastic altogether. Don’t be daft. Plastic is ubiquitous.
Where I can then, I’ll make appropriate and sensible choices, but it’s inevitable that I will still use some plastic.

We’ve been recycling our plastic, glass and paper waste for several years already, but now I’ve come across another way to recycle our plastic waste.

Step forward, the Ecobrick:

What are Ecobricks?
Ecobricks are low cost, thermally insulating bricks that are made by simply compressing unrecyclable plastic into 2L bottles.
Why we’re in love with them
Making ecobricks is a way to save the environment whilst supporting a needy community from the comfort of your kitchen counter.
What do we do with Ecobricks?
Affordable housing for you and me
Raised beds for our gardens
Benches for parks and gardens
Boundary walls
Temporary exhibition structures

And it really is as easy as poking plastic packaging into a 2 litre Coke bottle (make sure you drink the Coke before you start poking) (messy otherwise).

It’s easy, fun and actually quite addictive. You’ll be amazed how much plastic disappears into one of these bottles once you squish it in a bit. It’s like an inverse Magic Porridge Pot – there always seems to be space for more.

And once you’ve made a few, you simply drop them off at one of the Ecobrick Exchange handy hippie drop off points in Cape Town, Johannesbeagle, Pretoria or Mordor Port Elizabeth:

Or you can build something yourself.

It’s a great, safe, fun and simple way to involve the kids in recycling, and you’re actually doing something good with all that nasty plastic.

2018 album news

Lifted (in part at least) from the BBC 6 Music article 18 albums we’re looking forward to in 2018. As ever, their selection does differ somewhat from mine, but there is still some correlation.

I heard the “new” Manic Street Preachers single International Blue for the first time yesterday (hey, it’s been December) and I was instantly hooked. Described – accurately – as a sister song to this immortal classic:

…it promises much for their Resistance is Futile album, due early April.

We’re also “promised” offerings from Sleaford Mods, Muse (who knows what we’ll get this time: I’m going for a glam rock orchestral rave electronica classical piano opus), hometown boys the Arctic Monkeys and the rest of those Belle and Sebastian EPs.

That’s a lot of potentially great music to look forward to. 2018 could be almost as good as several of the previous years have been.