Inspired by 6

I may have mentioned these things before, but not together, and even if I have, it deserves repeating.

First thing: I listen to BBC 6 Music at lot. I’m right in their target demographic, so they suit me and I suit them. Symbiotic, innit?

Second thing: I’m (still) really enjoying Spotify. I love having the flexibility to think of a song and just listen to it, there and then. I recognise that this has been something that’s been around elsewhere (and even here) for a while. But because Spotify is new here it still feels a bit like living in the future.

Now, I have tied these two things together in a wonderful marriage by starting a public playlist called “inspired by 6”.

What I do is to listen to BBC 6 Music all day and each time they play an amazing song (rather than just a really good song), I quickly add it to the playlist. Therefore, what’s currently on there is a collection of more than eighty songs which are the best of what’s available on the best radio station around.

All according to me, at least.

Great for solo listening, background listening or appearing cool (to that certain demographic) at a party.

If you are on Spotify, you can listen and follow the constantly-evolving playlist by clicking the clever little box above or here. You’ll need to be a member of Spotify too, obviously, but I’m told that there’s more than just me on there, so maybe it’s for you too.



It’s amazing news and just plain old regular news here Chez 6000.

Herewith depicted in screenshot form.

Amazing news in that I woke to the latest Superbru standings and they were these:

Best in the Country. Best in the World, nogal!
[cracks open the Moët]

Of course, it’ll never last. But I have this screenshot to show that it did at least happen.


But then there was this plain old regular news as well:

I’d been looking forward to enjoying Sheffield United’s game against Swansea City this evening. I’ve been gifted the (rather expensive) HD streaming package for the whole season as an early birthday present.

But HD ain’t going to stream much at 0.07Mbps, now is it?

I’m actually done with Afrihost now. Their support line closed at 5pm on Friday and only opens again at 8am on Monday, as if the rest of the modern world also stops for 63 hours over the weekend.

What they’re offering has been slowly decreasing, while the prices stay right where they are. And I’m still waiting for the FTTH they promised me back in April.

Twenty Seventeen.

They used to be a beacon of customer service. Now they’re utterly terrible.

Understandably, I’m looking elsewhere.
Your suggestions are most welcome.

Apartment To Let

From time to time, I like to help people out by mentioning their cause on this blog.
This is one of those times.

Here’s it:

Apartment To Let

Observatory, Cape Town.
Top floor of brand new building.
Excellent security, communal gym, rooftop braai area, pool.
2 bed, 2 bath.
2 secure parking spaces.
Viewz. For. Dayz. (Devils Peak, Lions Head, Waterfront, Harbour, Table Bay…)
Available now.

Apparently, that’s R500 less than other similar units, so don’t hang around.

For more details – including more photos – drop me an email at:

and I’ll put you in touch with the people who are waiting for your call.

Oh, and please share this widely in case that dream tenant is on your timeline.

Can’t Look Away

It’s New Music Monday. An occasional series, which I just thought up because alliteration is the future.

Seafret are back (you may remember them from such posts as Wildfire and Atlantis) with a new song, a new EP and a new tour which once again sadly omits the entirety of the African continent.

The music, thankfully, is readily available worldwide. Here’s their latest offering, Can’t Look Away:

(and on Spotify).

My daughter and I remain South Africa’s biggest Seafret fans.

As far as we’re aware, anyway.

Non-stop weekend

This weekend has gone past like a particularly fast thing.

Also like a particularly busy thing.

Friday night was eclipse night. We braaied (as is possibly the tradition for these things), and yes, the clouds parted like Moses was doing a Red Sea move on the sky. The kids, already knackered from a first week back at school, stayed up til 10:30 just to see they’d seen it. This was a move that I totally supported: it’s touch and go whether even either of them will around for the next decent total lunar eclipse. So this is something to tell their kids and their kids’ kids about.

It was wholly unspectacular, sure. But they were there.

Yesterday was dominated by kids’ parties: one here, one in Hout Bay – the terrifying Southern Suburbs version of Pinelands, necessitating close on 70km of driving over the mountain and back and over the mountain and back – with the kids getting into bed at 10:30. Again.
I’ve totally nailed this parenting thing.

I didn’t stop for 15 hours yesterday. It seems that I can’t do that anymore.

Today: food shopping in the horrendous Constantia Village Pick n Pay, some homework in pairs, except the other half of the pair didn’t arrive, so twice as much work in half the time, or something. Lunch with the mother-in-law, Dodgeball academy (while the smaller half bounced nearby), and then home for a Skype with the UK.

I’m not saying any of this was unpleasant (except Pick n Pay obvs), but it doesn’t give one any time for any sort of downtime. And that’s one of the things the weekend is for, right?

And that’s why I’m sitting in front of a warm blog and sipping on a Milk Stout with some Portishead occupying the background.

Not a bad end to the weekend.
Not a bad weekend. Just a very, very busy weekend.