Live Fast, Die Young.

Here’s an amusing cartoon for you, because I’m not around to give you anything else right now. The wind appears to have dropped just enough for some flying over Struisbaai. 

The appliance I’m using is fast and young. However, I fully intend to delay the dying bit for as long as possible.

Have a good weekend. Ooh – and look out for an interesting astronomical phenomenon tomorrow – tune in here from 9am for that news.

The best Facebook group ever

I’m in a Facebook group. Actually, I’m in several Facebook groups, but this post is specifically about one of them. I don’t want to mention the name of this group in case doing that means that I get the boot from the group. I want to stay in the Facebook group because it is the best Facebook group ever. The reason that it’s the best Facebook group ever is because of the regular, utterly, entirely unintentional inane comments that the members of the group come out with.

Yesterday, Eric shared a video he had made. It was a video of a particular place pertinent to the theme of the group and Eric had flown his drone around that place, added a reasonably appropriate Enya backing track, and uploaded his work. It was very nice. The video garnered over 120 likes and over 30 comments.

All of the comments were along the same lines:

“Brilliant. I really enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing.”
“That’s lovely, Eric.”
“How tranquil was the music? Beautiful footage.”

That sort of thing. Except for this comment, slap bang in the middle of all of that well-deserved praise:


Because nothing says how nice a homemade video of a church is like dragging up your biased recollection of the details of a minor car accident you were involved in over 2 years ago and the subsequent trials and tribulations of the ensuing legal process, together with a quick guilt trip for Eric, who inadvertently – by not actively tracking and recording the every move of you that day – has left our protagnoist with a much diminished no claims bonus.

But you know – lovely video. Nice music.


I was lucky enough to be dragged up brought up in Sheffield, located on the edge of the Peak District National Park. All the benefits of the city with the countryside right on your doorstep. Hashtag winning.
As kids, we used to cycle up to Redmires Dams (not actually in the National Park, but ever so close) and enjoy the fresh air and the views (and ride down the unused dam overflow conduits).

We never had quadcopters though. Whoever took this image has a quadcopter, and s/he has captured an amazing image of the three dams and the view down to Sheffield city centre.

This is high class dronery – the sort of thing I aspire to produce. I don’t know who took it (very happy to attribute and adulate if anyone knows), but it’s amazing.
Given the tools now at my disposal, the only obstacle I face is (the lack of) my own ability.

It’s a large obstacle, but it’s one I intend to be able to adequately fly over at some point*.

* please note: terms and conditions apply | no time scale has been set for this project | results may vary | it would help if this fecking wind stopped blowing | watch this space

Gentle Storm

Not Dineo  – the one that’s blowing through the Mozambique Channel right now. It’s not gentle and technically it’s a tropical cyclone, anyway.

Accurate low pressure weather system nomenclature. S’important.

No. I’m talking about the upcoming Elbow single, Gentle Storm:

Wait a second – wasn’t that Benedict Cucumberbeagle? Yes. Yes, I think it was.
This is a kind of updated, faster, more unsettling version of MJ’s Black and White video. It’s a really, really good song as well.

I have yet to post the review of the Little Fictions album, I know. It’s one of those that I just can’t stop listening to. And it’s fitting that on this day of love, I should mention it, since the whole thing is basically all about Guy Garvey falling in love.

But… more of that on a day with fewer hearts and flowers.


Yes, “Dronelapse”. Really.

Here’s PetaPixel to explain this difficult-to-grasp concept:

Now that the Internet is saturated with timelapse and drone videos, one of the next big frontiers may be combining the two. Timelapse photographer Artem Pryadko shows what’s possible in the gorgeous 2-minute “DroneLapse” above.

I know, I can also like to be confused.
Fortunately, Artem himself is here to assist:

It’s a new direction in shooting time lapses — time lapse using a drone.

Nope. Sorry. I’m still lost.

Anyway, it is quite nice to look at. Even if I can’t work out how it was filmed.
How did he get so high up? Long arms?

I guess that we may never know.