Two records

I heard a couple of records yesterday which I enjoyed in different ways.

First off Röyksopp’s Eple – memories of Green Ridges and PS2 FIFA 03 tournaments.

I always thought it was pronounced Epp-lay until (while in Norway) I found it was Norwegian for ‘Apple’ and is actually Ep-le.

And then something completely different. A favourite song of mine, reimagined. With Windows start-up noises, nogal:

You’re either going to love it or you’re going to  hate it. I’m not sure which side of the fence I’m going to finally come down on, but at the moment, I’m finding it “interesting”, discovering more each time I listen to it.

There’s certainly a time and place for it, but it’s probably 4 o’clock on a smokey, whiskey-filled morning as the sun thinks about coming up.

Not now.

Health matters

Yes, it does. And last week was a rather unhealthy week for me. I’m still paying the penalty. After eating too much, drinking too much, not getting enough sleep, and doing not really quite enough vigorous exercise, I feel fairly ropey. My body – often described as a temple* – isn’t looking or feeling great.

This weekend was a good example. Saturday started with a lovely 7km walk on the mountain with friends (light not great for ‘togging, but still):

…but that’s pretty much where the good stuff (health-wise, at least) ended.

I lazed in front of the miserable football all afternoon, before heading out for cheese and wine and wine and wine in the evening. Great fun, but quite winey, with hindsight. We staggered in after 1am [audience: woooah!] and then were up early again for a birthday party in town.

Sunday afternoon came and went, with absolutely no impetus to move, let alone exercise. On the plus side, there was no desire to drink either.


Anyway, this week is going to be different. Healthier food, alcohol free, and plenty of exercise, as I get myself back on track. No, it’s not a “detox”: my body was doing quite nicely (rather too well, some might argue) at keeping me detoxed.

No, this is going to be a week of moderation: of earlier nights and a reasonable amount of exercise. I’ve already smashed some gym, boet, and I’m feeling ready to go.


Right after this nap.



* originally admired for its beauty, but then ransacked and razed by marauding forces in the early medieval period. 

Hot stuff

WARNING: It gets fairly steamy below.

What with one thing and another, it came to pass that Mrs 6000 and I found ourselves alone in the house for a few hours today. Now, for many of you, that might be a regular occurrence, but for us, this sort of thing is virtually unheard of. The boy is at a Scouting event at Century City, the girl back from her glamping trip, but staying on a little longer at her friend’s house before heading home.

So, long story short, we did what any healthy, red-blooded married couple would do with such a perfect opportunity: she tidied a desk in the study, while I mended the broken bird table in the back garden.

Oh God, that was good.

The desk is now pristine and provides a suitable working environment, while our local robin chats will surely enjoy whatever morsels we share with them, on what is now a safe and secure surface out the back.

Never let it be said that middle-age alters your priorities and viewpoint on life. We still know how to live it up a little.

Mixed day

It’s been a decidedly mixed day.

On the downside, the country fell apart a bit more, with more appalling economic news, kidnapping, murder, violent protests and looting.

However, tonight marks the start of series 15 of Only Connect.
So there is at least something of a glimmer of hope upon the horizon.

Success Page

I might only have had a little one, but believe it or not, I bought an even smaller one yesterday. Having paid the bill, I got this:

I quite like the idea of a Success Page. It’s much better than the Constant Disappointment Page just to its right.

I’m going to play with my tiny one in the National Park later this evening.