Cars Ad

Even though I’m not a movie fan, I really enjoyed this Walmart ad.

What a catchy way to promote their new pick up service. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that the Ad Wizard was somehow involved in this project.


Ok. Maybe a bit surprised.

My boys

Done me proud again.

Brilliant, Blades. Brilliant.

Fan Man: A new breed of superhero

The Blades were brilliant last night in the gale force wind at Beautiful Downtown Bramall Lane.
1-0 up halfway through the first half thanks to a wholly legitimate penalty, it was all going so well until Gary Madine had a rush of blood to the studs ten minutes later and scythed down one of their midfielders for a wholly legitimate straight red card.

What followed was a masterclass in prolonged, committed, uncompromising defending as wave upon wave of Brentford attack bore down upon the United goal. Sure, we rode our luck a couple of times, but these stats don’t tell any lies. It was an absolute siege, and we survived.

As you can see, the final score was 2-0, but there was a particularly squeaky bum patch just before we got that all-important second goal, where there seemed no way out for United. Every clearance came straight back, and every attack seemed certain to end with an equaliser.
So, picture the scene after 67 minutes, when the ball was cleared out for a Brentford throw-in and one fan on John Street decided that he was going to be a hero and waste a bit of time as the Brentford player asked him to pass the ball…

Oof. Still, at least it hasn’t made it onto computer screens all around the world, thanks to the power of social media and South Africa’s favourite blog.

That would be awful.

The highlights package isn’t out yet, and generally, they don’t put this sort of thing in anyway, but I’ll link to it when I see it. Just in case.
And also to remember one of the great Sheffield United performances of recent years.


100 days of walking

If all goes well (and I have no reason to believe that it won’t), today will mark the 100th consecutive day that I have recorded at least 10,000 steps on my step-recording smartwatch.

You may recall about 55 days ago when I got to 45 consecutive days.
Well now I’ve done more than twice that. Consecutively.

I’m not looking for praise or celebration. Nor even really for any sort of recognition. All I’m really saying is that I’ve done at least 10,000 steps each day for the last 100 days and it’s just nice to have been active and to have hit this milestone.

Bring on 200*.


* terms and conditions apply

Sheff Uni roof clutter

As spotted on and nicked from this Instagram post.

It’s a view from the Arts Tower over a very grey Sheffield. Those in the know will be able to spot the old Henderson’s Relish factory, the John Street/Cherry Street corner of Beautiful Downtown Bramall Lane, the Town Hall, and what remains of the hospital I was born in. I promise that it was still in full working order when I left it.

But it’s the foreground that will excite some readers. That’s the Dainton Building where Chemistry happens, and its roof is full of fume cupboard extraction chimney goodness. Much of this would be hidden from ground level, being on the “wrong side” of the building and masked by other university departments. But this view shows the whole thing in all its organised, yet unpretty, glory.

Also on show is the eclectic nature of the university architecture. While some (ok, many) locals aren’t fans, I like it. For me, it sticks together simply because it’s all so different: vive les diffĂ©rences.