Lazy. Sorry.

I’ve been busy doing “stuff” all day. From walking the dog to bathing the dog, from tidying the kitchen up to… wait… where has the day gone…?

I did watch “some” football as well. Ahem.

But I’ve been lazy, and for that I apologise. Instead of a real blog post, please accept this parenting tip I recently found:

Sound advice, right there. Love it.

Blog posts I almost forgot to write..

This one.

I was tired. I stayed up for the girls to get back from Shed Eeran last night, and consequently got to bed ever so late.

But then we had a great family day, visiting the Spice Route (nice, but I don’t get the hype) and Fairview (goats, wine, cheese), before a quick trip to the Taal Monument (big, imposing) next door. But the copious amounts of ice cream, chocolate, grappa, and concrete – together with some horrible traffic on the way home – left me sleepy and my knee decidedly grumpy.

A quick walk around the block would sort that before blogging, but even then I was distracted by two old men fighting over a golf club on the school field. It was all a bit weird.

And so I almost forgot to write this.

Fortunately, as we all now know, that didn’t happen, and this blog post did happen.

Exciting day ahead tomorrow. But more about that… tomorrow.

Pi Day Fly Day

It’s Pi Day, (because it’s the 14th March, or 14/3, or 3.14 in the American notation). This is clearly not the South African way of doing things. However, on this occasion, I’m willing to overlook this US-based nonsense in the name of education. The school has based an entire Maths Week around today – “It’s all about Maths and Fun” (so clearly not big on Venn diagrams, then) – and it’s been an excellent learning experience for all the kids.

I was asked to help out today with ‘togging one of the events: namely a Pi on the field, made up of all the classes in the keystage, and I was only too happy to help. Here’s one of the lower altitude photos I took:

Obviously, I used the drone: my tripod wouldn’t extend to the required height for even this relatively low level shot.

The students were very patient (although the process really didn’t take very long, thanks to some fantastic organisation), but this is one of those things that won’t mean anything to them until they see the photos, which is why I hurried through the editing as soon as I got home and got them back to the teachers in time for them to see what they were part of today.

Tomorrow: Maths Week Dress Up Day!

Also tomorrow for those wondering: March’s 6000 miles… crossword.

Parenting and screentime

Got a kid? Got a screen?
Then you’ll likely know just how hard it is to separate the two of them.
Whether it’s TV, phone or iPad, it’s the curse of the modern era.

Or is it?

Because I came across this very amusing article in the New Yorker by Rachel Klein, entitled:

Limiting Your Child’s Fire Time: A Guide for Concerned Paleolithic Parents

which suggested that this isn’t a new problem at all:

You don’t want to be the bad guy, but you also want to make sure that your child engages in other activities, like mammoth hunting and the gathering of rocks and bones with which to make tools. So, how do you set appropriate boundaries for your child on fire usage without jeopardizing the family unit so crucial to the survival of the species?

I don’t want to give too much away here, because there are some lovely little gems in what is clearly solid, age-old parenting advice, so I’d rather just advise that you take advantage of your n free articles each month and head over there for the 5 minute read.

Bring the heat

Another Wednesday evening, another night of strong coffee and no aircon at the local trampoline park.

The juniors in the Academy team have hit the big time: playing against some of the best dodgeball teams in the province. Some of the only dodgeball teams in the province you might say.

I’m happy to sit and watch, supporting my boy. Spotify is doing the business of canceling out the usual doof doof, and I’m chilled after a long day of DIY, various errands and blood donation.

And I’ll be home just in time for bed the football.

Could be worse.