Coles Corner

This, from Richard Hawley, just seems appropriate this morning.

Hold back the night from us
Cherish the light for us
Don’t let the shadows hold back the dawn

Cold city lights glowing
The traffic of life is flowing
Out over the rivers and on into dark

I’m going downtown where there’s music
I’m going where voices fill the air
Maybe there’s someone waiting for me
With a smile and a flower in her hair

New Muse Song!

There’s new stuff from Muse? So why would I blog anything else today?

It’s called Dig Down, and the video is – once again – set in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic, digital world full of cyborgs and flickering monitors.

Remember Madness from their last album? Well, this is basically exactly the same song. The trouser-wobbling electronic bass is there, the Queen-esque theatrical guitars and vocals are there, Matt Bellamy’s imploring voice soaring over the lot of it. Not much progression here, to be honest.

Hmm. Jury’s out.

Show Me How To Live

Sad news this morning that rock musician Chris Cornell has died, aged 52. Cornell was lead singer of Soundgarden (think Black Hole Sun) and Audioslave (think Cochise).

Look, I’m not pretending that I was a die-hard fan, but I liked his stuff, I appreciated his talent, and I enjoyed his (somewhat restrained) set at My CokeFest in 2008.

But his – their – best work for me? This one:

Unapologetically heavy, unapologetically non-conformist, unapologetically unapologetic.
Even for destroying that beautiful Dodge Challenger.

Kingdom of Rust

Stuff would rust here in Cape Town if it ever got wet.
Which it doesn’t.

Herewith the video for Doves Kingdom of Rust:

A bit of Wild West, a hint of country, a touch of folk all topped off with plenty of Indie. They were Kasabian before Kasabian were Kasabian.

I heard this on the radio yesterday morning and had to share it. I didn’t realise quite how poignant the video was, but… well.. it is. Looking or waiting for some confirmation that some of it was filmed close to Sheffield, although that doesn’t fit with the M6/Blackpool narrative.

Great song.


New single from Public Service Broadcasting. Progress.

And, ahead of the upcoming new album, is this a teaser that we should expect something a bit different from PSB?

These men look the same as they have always looked
They talk as they have always talked
But before your eyes, they are changing…

Look, if ever there was a band that relied on a single (albeit pretty much unique) formula, PSB are it. I doubt there’s going to be a radical departure from that. And look again – I’d be right.

Vocal by Camera Obscura‘s Tracyanne Campbell.