Different sounds

This has been doing the rounds on BBC 6 Music for a while now:

It sounds properly exotic, and it’s by Four Tet, who turns out to be a 39-year-old from Putney called Kieran Hebden. Which is kinda where the exoticness ends. Although I’m pretty sure that we’re listening to a Hammered Dulcimer here (like this one, remember?), so maybe it’s not that mundane after all.

Kieran has been in the music business for twenty years, and has worked with artists like Thom Yorke, Floating Points and Jamie xx. He’s widely respected in the electronic music community, but that doesn’t stop Soundcloud user “Infinbeatz” from telling him to

throw a high lvl filter overlap on the 10k range

at 2:21.

I’m not convinced that doing that would make an appreciable difference, to be fair.
I’m not 100% sure where this unusual, hypnotic track fits into my music collection, but I feel I have to make room for it somewhere, high lvl filter overlap on the 10k range or not.

Susanne sings

Everyone on BBC 6 Music is gushing over the Scott Walker Prom concert held earlier in the week, and from the bits I have heard, with good reason. If you’re reading this soon after I wrote it, there’s loads of stuff about it on the 6 Music website.

The audience raved about son of Sheffield, Jarvis Cocker and… er… son of Sheffield, Richard Hawley, who were both star performers on the night. But the real plaudits went to Susanne Sundfør for her outstanding vocals. Who she, you ask? Well, she the lady singing on this Röyksopp track:

…with its crazy, disturbing, heartbreaking “invited independent filmmaker” video from Lauren Rothery.

As heard

Another 90s classic from 6 Music this morning.

I was hooked from the moment I heard that first guitar chord. Lab work can wait 4 minutes.
And it would be near criminal not to share.

There’s another album that needs revisiting really soon.

Go west?

“Go West! Life is peaceful there!”
So sang the Village People and then so also sang the Pet Shop Boys.

So it must be true.

Trouble is, if you’re in Cape Town and you’re planning to follow that advice, life is going to be rather wet there too. (West being the South Atlantic, for the geographically-challenged.)

That’s why I’m going to turn things around and Go East! this weekend.
Logic suggests that life will be turbulent there, and, should we extrapolate through the rest of the song, that we will be enclosed, alone, there will be rain in the summertime, the skies will be grey and we will do anything except be just fine.

Hmm. East seems a bit crap, to be honest.

Still, the beaglesitter is booked and we’re heading off… East… for a weekend away. Posts here will continue (obviously), and my Instagram is always open for your delectation.

Have yourself a good one. And try not to contract antibiotic-resistant Gonorrhea. (That latter bit of advice applies beyond this weekend, to be honest.)