The Architect

No. Not you. This:

Here at 6000 miles… HQ, our quest to bring you (good) quality music never ends. And, as has been recently proven, we’re pretty good at what we do.

Here’s something new for you then: Jane Weaver

Some phat Ultravoxy electronica and La Rouxy breathy vocals going on there. Wonderful.

You may remember Jane from such bands as Britpop group Kill Laura, or the folktronica project Misty Dixon, or like me, you may not. But either way, this is a great piece of work.

Says Jane:

Having spent a large portion of my childhood in the foreboding shadow of the 1965 Bernard Engle constructed concrete shopping center I developed a very visual love-hate relationship with the modernist architecture of my home town, but after travelling the world and appreciating both brutalist and modernist design from an exotic perspective I soon began to crave the incredible geometric design that de-saturated my 1980’s upbringing.

Yes. That’s pretty much how I feel about old buildings too. Sometimes.

Adulation continues…

I said it here.

And other people shared it here.

And now, just not quite a week later, it’s still happening. 😮


Isn’t he, though? Also:


Ag, I don’t know about “melting the internet”. That sounds a bit like when the internet “destroyed Donald Trump” (Spoiler: it didn’t).

But it’s great that the band are getting some more airtime. And it’s nice that people are enjoying the stuff that I enjoy. Some sort of affirmation that I’m vaguely relevant, I guess.

Meh. I’ll take it.

Something for your M.I.N.D.

Because I am hoping to be rather tied up with photo editing on my shiny new laptop (with the lots of RAMs) this evening, herewith a quick music video. It’s a bit out there, with a Humpback (?) whale shooting tiny bananas at giant florets of purple broccoli and… well… other stuff.

The song is equally odd and quirky, but how catchy is that chorus, especially with the pre-“mind” pause?

Sorry if this seems a bit of a cop out on the blogging front. Hopefully, a new start with a new computer with many more RAMs will inspire more bloggings in the near future.


I’ve noticed that several friends on Facebook are – independently of any input from me – beginning to share this post around, and the comments have been unerringly positive.

It was just last week that I was waxing lyrical about the new a-ha MTV Unplugged album, and this is the final song from it. As you might expect, the band finish all their concerts with this song.

Introduced as:

This is a rather different version of this song…
But you’ll still recognise it.

After a distinctly Karma Police first few bars, as you might expect, Morten simply nails the vocal over a beautifully different instrumental.
If you haven’t already heard it – this is your chance. 🙂

It makes me happy to learn that it’s not just me doing fanboy stuff. When a new version of a song from more than 30 years ago, sung by the same guys that did it back then, can still affect people this way – it has to be special.

UPDATE: lol.




See? 🙂

Spent the day in bed

I wish.

Remember duvet days? Prior to kids and all of the fun and games that goes along with them? Perhaps after a long night on call in the lab? Or maybe just because you couldn’t actually be arsed to do owt else.

Those were the days.

The primary reasoning behind spending the day in bed in those cases was sheer laziness. Morrissey’s new song, entitled… er… Spent The Day In Bed, suggests that there’s more to his choice of diurnal activity (or lack of it): the acknowledgement of privilege and with it, freedom, with lines like:

I spent the day in bed
As the workers stay enslaved


No bus, no boss, no rain, no train
No emasculation, no castration
No highway, freeway, motorway

It’s a great song, but do watch out for the rather too chirpy keyboard intro.
And Joey Barton in the video, bizarrely.

Whatever the excuse or the messages it sends out, I haven’t spent the day in bed today, or indeed for several (or more) years. But the temptation remains strong.