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ICM. Intentional Camera Movement.

Usually, you try to avoid camera movement when you take a shot. But it turns out that there’s this thing called ICM, where you – are you ready for this? – intentionally move the camera when you take the shot.

They should mention that in the name.

It takes a little bit of practice to manage your exposure (careful now) and other settings*, but when you have ‘togged a location to death, it’s something a bit quirky and the results can be… “interesting”. And because you are not paying for film, you can experiment to your heart’s content.

Here’s one I did earlier (last weekend):

I know it won’t be to everyone’s taste. I’m not even sure it’s really to mine, although I do like the simplicity and it really does provide a rather different take on a very familiar place.

The white line is hugely important and perhaps I should have made more of it.

It’s not really Rothko, but can I see something of a background of a Turner there somewhere? Maybe.

Maybe not.

I’d like to see a bit more structure in my next efforts.


for example, this was f/36.0 and 1/4″ – barmy numbers!


Draft night tonight, so I’m getting in early with something of a quota photo. And after our last two football matches being postponed due to adverse weather, I’m hoping for some sunshine. Hence this pic:

This is the Touwsrivier Solar Electricity Array, just off the N1 near… well… Touwsrivier.

It’s big. Check out the foreground in that shot of mine up there and you’ll note that there’s a full size railway line running in front of the CPV systems. Dwarfed by the panels behind it. Dwarfed.

The plant cost R1 billion to build back in 2014, covers 470 acres (190 ha), has a nameplate capacity of 44MW and a capacity factor of… er… 23%. Eish.

Inefficiency can like to be solar energy’s middle name.

Let’s hope for some decent weather today, not just so that Touwsrivier can make some much-needed electricity, but also so that we can actually get a match in before I choose some iffy EPL players to ruin my fantasy season.



I spent so much time having fun today that there’s suddenly barely enough time to squeeze a post in before I turn into a pumpkin (or something).

So here’s a quota photo of a fire that I recently attended.

Just enough light to bring some colour in the leaves, and yes, a bit unbalanced perhaps, but I loved the light on the earth on the right hand side, and so I just couldn’t crop it out.

Bigger on black here (and this really is one of those images that works really well in this format).

Given that each of those plants was 5m (15ft) high, seeing this up close was quite an experience.

Karoo Roadtrip photos

Finally finished the edit on these and got them up onto Flickr. Yay me.

Matjiesfontein – Sutherland – Rietfontein – Barrydale

Weather was good, family was happy, views were forever, fun was had.

The whole set can be found here. Or why not just slideshow here?

Reviews still to follow, because I know you want to know what I thought, right?


Whenever I hear the name of this antelope, I always start singing this song.

Because today was already rather busy, but suddenly just got a whole lot more hectic, this guy (whom I shot on Friday) (not in a biltongy kind of way) just became my quota photo of the day.

Thank you for your understanding.