The End


I’m going to keep this brief, because it’s a difficult thing to write. Following on from yesterday’s post and the situation it described and following a lot of thought during a very sleepless night, I have decided to pull the plug on 6000 miles… with immediate effect.
While I have enjoyed much of my time writing all sorts of nonsense on all sorts of subjects, it has become too difficult to fit quality blogging into a hugely busy schedule.

The rise and rise of this blog has made me very proud and I would hate to see it deteriorate to the level of certain other sites. Therefore I think it’s best to go out at the top – or as high as I got, anyway.

Many thanks are due to Mrs 6k for putting up with this extra individual in our lives and to The Guru, without whom much stuff would never have happened. But most of all to you, the readers – especially those loyal and regular commenters.

It’s been a fun ride.


Noon update: Some of my favourite other April Fools included “Labour’s new “Tough Guy” approach” to the election campaign in The Guardian, News24’s “National Anthems to be banned at the World Cup” and The Independent‘s LHC II on the Circle Line brilliance:

It would mean that two beams of protons would be travelling in clockwise and counterclockwise directions at 99.999999 per cent of the speed of light, within feet of Circle line passengers stuck in perpetual immobility.

None of which had me fooled for a moment.
Just like you and this post, right?

Dan and Dan on the Daily Mail

We’ve had more than a couple of run-ins with the useless tabloid rag which is Britain’s Daily Mail here on 6000 miles…
There was that Peter Hitchens racist nonsense, their laughably inaccurate reporting on the Fishhoek shark attack and then, more recently, the whole Jacob “Vile Buffoon” Zuma thing during JZ’s state visit to Britain.

It is, without a doubt, the most disgusting piece of racist, middle-England, scaremongering purveyor of  bullshit that I have ever had the displeasure to read.
And, as Britain goes down the drain, it’s steadily getting worse.
So I was hugely amused to see that Dan & Dan have done a little ditty entitled The Daily Mail Song.

The “cancer from your…” verse is just perfect.

Now, I think I’m going to go and wash my computer.
And, to be honest, so should you.

UPDATE: Right click/Save as to download the mp3 here.

That’s not a gopher

Driving out of the car park at my new favourite drinking spot (which shall remain nameless so I can avoid the vast numbers of vigilante groupies that went after the unfortunate Fireman’s bouncer I mentioned yesterday), I happened to spot a Toyota RunX.
This one had one of those personalised number plates that I don’t really like, but at least this one was for business purposes. Almost excusable, then.

Here it is (you can see the whole car here):

Obviously, Gopher can like to be your number one choice (or close to it) when you’re looking for industrial property in Cape Town.
But not, it seems, if you are looking for accurate descriptions of small mammals. Because that thing under the ‘X’ of ‘RunX’ is not a gopher, Geomyidae spp.. It’s a meerkat, Suricata suricatta.
Which is all nice and African, since gophers are only found in the Americas and meerkats are far more local, but that’s like Hippo insurance brokers advertising their services with a picture of an elephant. Just foolish.

One gopher, Two meerkats. It’s not difficult.

Look. See how different they are? OK, so they both appear to have the ability to stand on their hind legs, but I once saw a bear do that on some BBC documentary programme (although, to be fair, it was chained by its neck to a pole and was being beaten with a big stick by a vodka-drinking Siberian bloke with a wild beard and an even wilder temper).

Up! Get up, you bastard!
Up! Or I’ll have you made into carpet slippers!

Hell, sometimes I can even manage to stand for a few brief seconds after 8 pints of Stella, so it’s nothing special.
And look how much bigger the gopher is than the meerkats. How anyone could ever confuse the t… sorry?… Ah, ok. Thanks.
Sorry – apparently the gopher just looks bigger because it is nearer the camera. The meerkats are far away….

But seriously – noting that the car has Irish badges all over the back windscreen – talk about reinforcing the stereotype…

</small mammal basic identification post> relaunch

After this bit of apparent FIFA silliness, I have decided to relaunch 6000 miles…

We are now The Unofficial National Blog of the You-Know-What


Just don’t tell Sepp, ok?

UPDATE: Here’s the offending ad, which Kulula state on their facebook page, has got:

Nothing to do with the WC. Just to be clear.

Well, if by “WC”, they mean “World Cup” (and do they?)
Ja… right. 

My take now, having seen the ad (but not the letter)? I’m with FIFA. They have every right to protect their partners’ rights on this.

Unpopular view, maybe – but as I said in this comment, Emirates must have paid a small large fortune to be the airline associated with the tournament and this is blatent ambush marketing by Kulula. 

To be honest, the only whining we should be hearing from them should be from their plane’s engines.

Playing the RaceCard

Thanks to Refresh Creative Media, the clever lot that brought you the brilliant Unfinished Business story about “finishing” Table Mountain, now you too can pretend to be Julius Malema (or any other inflammatory youth leader) by playing the RaceCard™.

Ever been confronted and felt there is no way out?
With no plausible explanation for your actions?
Don’t worry, just pull the RaceCard™.

Simple use the RaceCard™ to get out of any uncomfortable situation with no consequences.

Download your full colour printable RaceCard™ here.