Fish news

News from the housesitter:

Fish are doing fine.

Which they should be, because Cape Town’s climate is much better than Siberia’s when it comes to owning pet fish.

No news on the beagle this morning yet, though.

Oh well.

More London

London again today, so here’s a bit of local history:

1850s London was bursting. The population had doubled between 1801-1850.
There was simply no more space to bury the bodies. And with cremation still taboo, the London Necropolis Railway was founded. The idea was to transport dead bodies and their accompanying mourners out to Surrey by rail for funerals and burials, so everyone in the party (but one) would have a return ticket back to London.


The railway lasted for 87 years until 1941, running nearly every day, and at its peak it carried 2,000 bodies a year. In total 203,041 people were buried in Brookwood Cemetery during that time.

Given that our lodgings for this leg of the trip are also in Surrey, I was hopeful that this London Necropolis Railway terminus (mmm, I know) would be somewhere on the right side of the city for us to get to. And I was not disappointed:

Right next door (T&Cs apply) to Waterloo. I’ll hopefully be teaching the kids a bit of gory history later today.


When I get a new computer running Windows (it doesn’t happen often), I always click the MS Edge shortcut icon twice.

Once to access the internet to download Google Chrome.

And then once to…

…well, yes.



I promised, not so very long ago, that we’d make a return to Muse’s back catalogue with the song that I didn’t share that day. And here I am, and it is. (Truth is, I’m writing this post immediately after I wrote that post as part of my scheduled blogging while I’m on holiday, but please don’t tell the purists.)

Mercy then, with all the electronica, rock’n’roll and soaring vocals of Bliss, but now with added piano and a flash of a Pincushion Protea at 1:07.

This video demonstrating the difficulties inherent in attempting to mentally reprogramme android women should be a slautory warning not to try this sort of potentially dangerous science.

The android protagonist in this case is played by actress Elle Evans who can also be found playing the blonde girl in Robin Thicke’s rapey song Blurred Lines, the commercial success of which, when compared to Muse’s effort above, says ever so much about the sad state of the world we live in.

Dangerously accurate tweet about dishwashers

Spotted a while back, stored for blogging today, this tweet:

Lucy is entirely correct.

Obviously, I take the former role chez nous, which is important because masterful arrangement is key in the efficient use of water for dishwashing purposes. And we’re all about efficient use of water.

In scheduling this post, I’m relying on the fact that we’re on a boat some safe distance from decent wifi in the middle of the French countryside and thus Mrs 6000 will not see it. It’s not that she’d disagree with my part in the above relationship, but she may well take offence at the description of her tacited suggested position.

(Even though Lucy absolutely nailed it.)