Schtop! It’sch not ready yet!

I’m thoroughly wiped out after a really tiring, physically and emotionally draining, and then wonderfully fun, day.

Too much to explain, so please enjoy this ad from several (or more) years ago.

That Dutch guy butting in and helping the film crew do it properly is Ronald Top. I had no idea who Ronald Top is or was, until I recognised him on one of the kids’ series on TV this evening.

You can see another of his Grolsch “Schtop” ads on his website, along with a lot of his other, less important work.

The Northern Cape holiday disagreement post

Husband: “I want to go to Calvinia on holiday!”

Wife: “Well, I want to go to Sutherland on holiday!”

Both: “If only there was some way of sorting this rather mild disagreement out!”

Inadvertently finding this place while tracking Mrs 6000’s flight in from Dubai has made my day today.

Look, I had a bad night last night, ok?

Plan for this week

I fully intend to follow this timetable this week:

However, I feel I may inadvertently have peaked too soon.

Yesterday evening, I washed my daughter’s long hair, just ahead of her bedtime. However, upon reaching for the hairdryer, I suddenly realised that it had taken my wife on a trip to Russia and was currently residing on a dressing table somewhere in the Belmond Grand Hotel Europe in Saint Petersburg, some 10,500km away.


With the next door neighbour not answering their phone and the anguish at potentially having to sleep with wet locks growing, I had to improvise quickly, and that’s how we found ourselves sitting in my car in the garage, with the heaters on full blast and “hI” temperature.

Best dad ever.

Not quite as efficient as a genuine hairdryer, but every bit as effective, and with only mild carbon monoxide poisoning to boot. And anyway, my daughter looks cute with rosy cheeks.

Given that start to the week, I can’t even begin to imagine what Friday has in store for me.

Watch out, world!

Image: off the leash

Nice house, bit out of the way though

Check this out (on Dezeen from a while back), via this (also on Dezeen, but much more recently).

Here’s the title:

Alex Hogrefe’s conceptual retreat cuts into a remote Icelandic clifftop

Yep – if you’re going to visualise a conceptual retreat cutting into a remote Icelandic clifftop, then you need to go large or go home. But being an experienced architectural visualiser, Alex Hogrefe has only gone and done both.

Look at it. Just look at it!

And that amazing platform, just several hundred feet above the angry North Atlantic.

Kids and a beagle, together with the notorious stormy Icelandic winter weather, would probably demand that I visualised a bit more of a fence around the edge, but that’s just details.

See more of the design process on Alex’s personal website.

It’s not practical, but then it’s not meant to be. I love the way that even though this is merely a concept design, Alex has (literally) gone out of the way to find an actual site in which to put it.

I’m now thinking of sticking something similar in Platteklip Gorge on the front of Table Mountain.

Russian away

Ugh. You know those days when it all starts with meetings and appointments and spreadsheets and telephone calls and ends with about 24 hours to get your stuff together and get on a flight to Russia for a few days?

Yeah. Those ones.

Well, I didn’t have one of those days yesterday, but my wife did.

Obviously, a luxury tour to Moscow and St. Petersbeagle is not something that I would be at all interested in, so I’m not even a little bit jealous.
[Clearly, I’m being tsarcastic here.]

I never learnt lot of Russian, but in case you’re on your way over there in the near future, here are the basics/essentials as I remember them:

Please – pozhaluysta
Thank you – spasibo
Hello – gonchaya
Goodbye – do svidaniya
Yes – da
No – net

Have fun!


* although there was some excitement, lol.