This Is Now America

South Africa might be falling apart at the seams and the UK might be collapsing under the pressures of Brexit, but at least America is leading the way in… what?… oh cock.

The situation over there is why even the usually apolitical Magne Furuholmen has chosen to release a song, sharing his thoughts on the US right now. This are it:

He popped it on his personal Instagram to begin with, but it was more popular than he thought:

wowaweewah…thank you for an overwhelmingly kind response, people!
i woke up yesterday to a record-label in a panic over my insta(nt)-release.
they’re now scrambling to get the track out on other platforms, so stand by for more info as and when i get it – in the meantime, enjoy the exclusivity!

That’s why it’s out all over the place now. It’s upset a few people – mainly all of them Americans – but that is the nature of free speech and incisive political comment.

And I know it’s about the current state of America, but:

“No bridge across divides; a drunken joyride,
With a monkey at the wheel…”

…really does seem to sum up a lot of the planet at the moment.

Happy days.


Belatedly sharing this:


In response to this:

Just a quick reality check for anyone down here at the bottom of Africa who thinks that we are in any way important globally.

Success Page

I might only have had a little one, but believe it or not, I bought an even smaller one yesterday. Having paid the bill, I got this:

I quite like the idea of a Success Page. It’s much better than the Constant Disappointment Page just to its right.

I’m going to play with my tiny one in the National Park later this evening.

Little one

Let’s be honest about this: mine is nowhere as big as some people’s. And I doubt that it will ever get that big.

But size isn’t important – it’s how you use it that matters, right?


Anyway, that’s why I popped my small one out earlier in the back garden and pointed it skyward. Right at this little fellow.

Here’s a bigger version. And here’s a different angle.

He’s a Pin-tailed Whydah (Vidua macroura) and that ridiculous tail is his way of attracting Mrs Pin-tailed Whydah. And wow – doesn’t he just like to flaunt it?

He’s backwards and forwards across the neighbourhood hoping for a bit of nookie from first light through to sunset, and he’s a chatty little bastard as well. I’m not sure if his efforts have yielded any success yet, but if they have, then it’s very clear that he would like some more success please, Ma’am.

He’s even more spectacular in flight with a stiff… breeze blowing, but that wasn’t happening today. If I do spot him in those conditions, I’ll whip my small one out again and give it my best effort.

Sitar Metal

Sitar Metal. It’s a thing. (They’re a thing?)
And it’s exactly what you’d expect.

The Sitar fronted historic collision of Indian Classical & Metal Music, SITAR METAL is the World’s first ever Classical –Metal fusion band fronted by the Limitless Indian Instrument ‘Sitar’, creating an extremely melodic, chaotic & vast soundscape to reckon with, that is both first of it’s kind & game changing.

I’ve just heard their song It All Ends Here, Vol. 2 on the radio and I don’t quite know what I’m doing right now. Gentle dream pop intro; massive, uncompromising metal drums and bass; mental… well… it’s a sitar, and it’s all over the top of it.

It’s available to download everywhere and to listen to here. And while it will sound like a cacophony of dreadfulness to most people, I urge you to give it a go. The marriage of the classical and unmistakable Indian instrument above a dirty, Western metal backdrop is… well… it’s quite something.

More of these unholy alliances and bizarre musical couplings, please.


P.S. A big shout out to Swastik Chakravarty for his Sound Designing and Electronic music. Crazy name. Crazy guy.