Akismet issues

My Akismet anti-spam plugin has been misbehaving, seemingly since I upgraded to WordPress 2.6.1. This issue was indicated to me by (previously) regular commentor and all-round nice guy Del, who emailed me to say that he got a stream of computer-generated abuse each time he attempted to reply to a post.

At first, I just assumed it was because Akismet had worked out that Del was in Australia and therefore it was fine to abuse him. However, I thought I’d better not let it stop other nationalities from passing comment on my spoutings and so I contacted the guru. He came out with some somewhat vague reasoning for the problems which included the word “betweem”. He likes his big words. Anyway, I have deactivated Akismet and booted up YAWASP for a trial period. Let’s see what happens.

If you’ve had problems leaving comments, please email me. I like to hear what you have to say (mostly). Additionally, see if you can leave one now.

Incidentally, I notice that Ma.tt Mullenweg and the WordPress crew were in Cape Town this last week. I didn’t know they were coming or I would have said hello. And asked Ma.tt why his damn plugin was playing up!

Just looking for photos?

Note to regular readers: Please scroll down to read 6000 miles…

Just here for photos of our newly-arrived daughter?
Of course, I’d much prefer it if you’d hang around a little and take in the sights and smells of 6000 miles…
Or even subscribe to the RSS feed and we’ll tell you about all the latest news.
Who knows – you might even like it here.

But if you were directed here by my wife or you are here with the sole intention of looking at photos of squeaking neonates, then you’ll find the appropriate flickr set here. (Last update: 18th August 2008).

UPDATE: The Mrs has been utilising her swanky mobile phone to upload pictures of the kids to her Sony Ericsson/Blogger photo blog. No words, no frills, just photos. Which is what it’s all about really, right?


Normal service is resumed below.
Thanks for visiting – and Bon Voyage!

An important announcement

Helen Zille will never be allowed to rule this website – never ever.
Only God, who appointed me, will remove me: not the DA, not the British. Only God will remove me.

I hope this is clear. Also, I will not be allowing NGOs to work in the rural areas beyond the dining room without my express permission. And I’m already organising pre-printed voting forms for next year’s SA Blog Awards.

In other news, you can now enjoy some randomised rhetoric from the archives of this illustrious site by checking under the post from the past link about halfway down the sidebar on the right. So even if you’ve only just joined the 6000 miles… family, you can still show off to your mates by quoting something I wrote last March.


The rise and rise of 6000

 Time for an admin post, I think.

On the up!
Going up!

I’m well aware that 6000 miles…is not a particularly big hitter in the blogging world, but obviously I’m doing something right. Check out my feedburner stats. Slow and steady, with a brief dip in December last year when I was left marooned by Fasthosts, but definitely on the up.
I’m not a big fan of those who go out of their way to crow about their achievements all the time – there’s a time and place for that sort of thing: job interviews, mainly. And when you see impressive feedburner graphs, I think you should be allowed a little bit of showing off too. So I am. A bit.

And who are you to buck the trend? Click the little orange button: Click me for updates! and then you too can tell your grandchildren that you were one of the first 1,000 to subscribe. You’d just better be quick about it.   

In other admin matters, Entropy.za has disappeared and has been replaced in my “what I read” section by An Ordinary Life, fresh from the village of PE down the coast. Well done, Pammie: the competition was tough – the waiting list is pretty long and I refuse to have more than 10 links in my blogroll – any more would surely devalue my favourite sites. I’m also going to review those 10 more often. Any suggestions for new additions are more than welcome – who is number 2 on your blogroll (after me)?

Finally, I have added the CommentLuv plugin so that commenters who blog using wordpress (and a few others that have a suitable RSS feed) will get an automatic link to their last post at the end of each comment they make here. Make a comment and try it out.

Admin posts, hey? Dull as dishwater. But you’ve got to slot one in every now and again. Anyway, check out your RSS reader for the next update on 6000 miles…, which will definitely be far more exciting*.

terms and conditions apply. Additional fees may be charged outside the Republic of South Africa. Danger, Will Robinson!

New Toy

Harold, the desktop PC on which I churn out all the stuff you so eagerly tune in to read on 6000 miles… has been playing up of late. Waiting for him to perform simple tasks – such as opening an email – was like waiting for Mad Bob to release some election results: frustratingly slow, but for some reason seemingly acceptable to Thabo Mbeki*. 
The usual poking about through the Windows XP System Tools, defragging and tidying up revealed a frightening fact. Harold is full. Brimming. Chock-a-block with data.

When I put Harold together, it was on a shoestring budget. The bare minimum of everything that I needed and the money saved put towards extra RAM. You can never have enough RAM, as every welshman I’ve ever known has been at pains to point out.
Since Norman (Harold’s predeccessor) was nearly 6 years old when his hard drive caught fire (yes – really), he was rather basic by today’s standards. And back then, 20GB of hard drive seemed (and was) plenty. So when I upgraded Norman to Harold, 80GB seemed like a figure I would never reach. Silly me.

But that’s where this sexy bit of kit comes in.

Iomega 500GB USB Hard Drive. See how she reflects.

I am going to call her Edith. The photo really doesn’t do her justice. Stats here.
And bought on offer in beautiful cheap, local South African Rands from Digital Planet.
I don’t think I’ve ever possessed hardware that looks this gorgeous. And although it seems almost sacrilegious to sully her with data, it didn’t take me long to realise that the quicker I fill her up, the quicker I can move onto playing with her big sister. 
At this point, I think that it’s important to note that I never used this logic with my girlfriends.
Well, not often, anyway.

She’s shining her blue light at me. I think I have to go and stroke her a little now.

at least, he never called me to protest anyway