Here’s proof

Herewith proof that you can write a perfectly acceptable blog post (IMHO, anyway) while cooking a rather tasty chili con carne. The carne in question being beef and ostrich. I can like to be supporting the local cow and bird slaughtering industries.
The builders are still here and the internet is still almost completely unavailable, the playroom is all over the living room and the study doesn’t even exist in any functional sense. It’s beginning to get me down and I really wish I was going to a five star resort for a weekend away in the very near future. More on that later, maybe.

Anyway, that’s your lot for now. I will probably be back to my best when I can actually use my own computer and not Mrs 6k’s laptop and its dodgy Vodacom GPRS connection from the kitchen. Maybe I’ll say something truthful but horribly controversial like “Caster Semeya looks like a man” or “South Africa is actually a really nice place to live if you’re white”.
Maybe I won’t. It’s this sort of suspense that gets readers coming back time and time again.  

But for now, it’s back to the red wine and the dangerously hot dinner.

Makeshift quota photo post

Having spent the day looking after the kids, with the builders building all around us and dust and noise everywhere, I find myself sitting on the floor stuck with a makeshift computer setup – wires everywhere, minimum necessary equipment connected: monitor (on coffee table), keyboard (on lap), mouse (works on carpet – impressed) – just like the old days.

Tonight, I have two tasks to complete – upload photos to Flickr and write a blog post. The former is underway (by pigeon), the latter is what you’re reading at the moment. And then I thought:

Why not combine the two?

Hence, you get this quota photo:

Want more generous dimensions?

Taken fromWynberg School field this evening where we took the kids to get rid of their excess energy. Judging by the silence upstairs, it seems to have worked.
Viva Wynberg School field, Viva!

Brian is Back!

Great news this morning in my feed reader: one of my favourite bloggers, Brian Micklethwait of has returned to blogging after an extended summer break.
In fact, so long was his hiatus that I had feared we’d seen the last of his eclectic mix of politics, social commentary and photography.

However, as Brian says:

But now I’ve had my little holiday, and have learned that although blogging may sometimes be a bit of a grind, it is, for me, greatly to be preferred to the alternative of not blogging. 

Which is exactly how I often feel about the whole thing too. 

Welcome back, Brian.

Advance warning

Because I foresee internet connectivity issues over the weekend and a busy day today (errands, rugby, shopping, drinks later), it’s a case of writing this post in advance (Saturday morning) while I still can. I’ll then set it to publish tomorrow lunchtime and no-one will be any the wiser. God bless WordPress.

As I’ve said before, there’s always the danger of a major or catastrophic event occurring in the meantime, in which case small talk may look a little benile, but I’ll take my chances. And, to make it even more realistic, I’ll even chuck in some quotes about yesterday’s sporting events, even though it’s like having the reverse of Biff’s Sports Almanac in Back to the Future III:

How about that Australia v South Africa match. What a game? It was SO close: especially at kick off time – the teams were completely evenly matched (at that point). And some of the kicking and passing  throughout the game also impressed me, although not all of it, of course.
And Manchester United v Arsenal.  Well, who could have predicted that scoreline? Two big clubs, of course, but I think that gives us all an idea of the eventual outcome this season. Possibly.

Right – well I’m off to finish cooking Sunday lunch now.

There. All but the most stoic of readers will have been fooled. And I’ll see you again on Monday. Enjoy your day.

Please look at this

I’m off to watch the footy, but while I’m gone, please look at this page:

Yes, I’m pushing it. But then it is for a good cause and it is on Wednesday evening.

Meanwhile, here is a photograph of my daughter with some ravioli on her ear:

aug24 017a

And no, that’s not a Cindy Crawford style beauty spot, it’s… it’s… well… look, I don’t actually know what it is, but it washed off in the bath.