Party Hard

Party hard? Ag, I’m too old for all that sort of thing.

But a corporate jolly at Vergenoegd today (So. Much. Duck.) followed by a birthday bash this evening makes it sound like I could still be up for it, and it’s also has left me very short of time to pop up a blog post on here.

This, therefore, is that post.

The weather wasn’t all it could have been for the duck parade (see link above), and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, so I’ve already decided that we’re going to head out there again to get some shots of a really unique phenomenon.

Just not right now.

Lazy. Sorry.

I’ve been busy doing “stuff” all day. From walking the dog to bathing the dog, from tidying the kitchen up to… wait… where has the day gone…?

I did watch “some” football as well. Ahem.

But I’ve been lazy, and for that I apologise. Instead of a real blog post, please accept this parenting tip I recently found:

Sound advice, right there. Love it.

Blog posts I almost forgot to write..

This one.

I was tired. I stayed up for the girls to get back from Shed Eeran last night, and consequently got to bed ever so late.

But then we had a great family day, visiting the Spice Route (nice, but I don’t get the hype) and Fairview (goats, wine, cheese), before a quick trip to the Taal Monument (big, imposing) next door. But the copious amounts of ice cream, chocolate, grappa, and concrete – together with some horrible traffic on the way home – left me sleepy and my knee decidedly grumpy.

A quick walk around the block would sort that before blogging, but even then I was distracted by two old men fighting over a golf club on the school field. It was all a bit weird.

And so I almost forgot to write this.

Fortunately, as we all now know, that didn’t happen, and this blog post did happen.

Exciting day ahead tomorrow. But more about that… tomorrow.

Up, up and away

I have no idea if the place we’re overnighting tonight has any sort of cell signal. It certainly doesn’t have wifi and that’s kind of the idea of the trip:  something of a digital detox. With brandy.

Thus, this post was written yesterday evening, just after this one. Hopefully, by the time you’re reading this, I’ll have had a few hours of decent sleep, otherwise today and all the plans that have been made will be a complete shambles.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to an early night, so here’s a quote I saw on twitter the other day and Pocketed to share:

The sheriff used to walk around with a Bible in his chest pocket, and one day that Bible stopped a bullet. True story. Stopped a bullet cold. And if he had had another Bible in front of his face he might be alive to tell this story.

This appealed to me because I’ve always wondered why no-one ever shoots somewhere other than the bulletproof Bible (or vest).

For the record, I don’t carry any sort of religious library around with me, so you can shoot wherever you like.


Today is going to be a very busy day. I have already been for an oral assault (careful now) at the dentist, there are a million workers due to descend on the house within the next hour, there are kids to pick up and drop off and generally taxi all over the place, and then there is some Premiership football to watch this evening.

All of this means that I will be otherwise engaged for much of the time, and so writing a blog post might not be possible (or even if it is possible, it might get overlooked).

That’s why I’m leaving this here as a placeholder of sorts. I will add to it should the opportunity arise, but if not, at least I put pen to paper pixel to screen today, preserving that ongoing record of several (or more) years of daily nonsense.

More later (or, as described above, not).