Today has been a bit of a disaster

Not a total disaster. Not everything went wrong.

But it would be fair to say that quite a lot didn’t go as had been planned and so I’m going to write it off as… well… just a bit of a disaster and settle down with a beer and a burger.

And some chili poppers. Because in the unlikely event that a beer and a burger don’t quite make everything better, chili poppers certainly will.

Apologies if you thought you were going to read something of substance here today. But equally, more fool you for having that somewhat ridiculous level of expectation in the first place.

More tomorrow. Post chili poppers.

Music Awards

Couple of housekeeping bits and pieces to get through.

Firstly, I never told you about my 6000 miles… Album of the Year for 2018.

That album was Thank You For Today by Seattle indie rockers Death Cab For Cutie. Highlights like Gold Rush and Northern Lights are supported by plenty of happy, bouncy er… indie rock tracks, like Autumn LoveWhen We Drive and Summer Years, together with the wonderfully loving Your Hurricane. The album ends with a surprising mix of naked upright piano and nostalgia as Ben Gibbard describes an aging rocker growing old disgracefully in 60 And Punk. It’s wonderful.

Go and listen to it.

So, with 2018 finally done and dusted, we can look at the inaugural 6000 miles… Single of the Month award for January 2019.

And, with over a week of the month still to go, this one is not going to be beaten. White Lies: Tokyo

Close your eyes and ignore the alleged hotness that is Harry McVeigh, and you could be at (a more professional version of) a Alphaville concert. Bold, commanding lyrics above unapologetically new wave synth: this is really, really good stuff.
Right up my alley.

This and some of the best tracks from Thank You For Today can be found on the Inspired by 6 Spotify playlist.


Because I’m not sure if we’re going to have any internet where we’re going, I thought I’d chuck in a few words from a very hot Robertson en route.

These are those words.

More later if there’s internet, or tomorrow if there’s not.

All done?

It’s the lead up to Christmas. Religiously speaking, we don’t celebrate Christmas, although I believe that there are some who do. However, I fully admit that we have somewhat hijacked the holiday period in order to have… well… a holiday and to celebrate the end of another busy year. I’m not ashamed to behave this way: it’s a great excuse to see family and friends, and at least try to escape the slings and arrows of the frankly outrageous fortunes of the previous twelve months.

I don’t think we’re alone in this ‘borrowing’ of late December. Experience suggests that this is a practice shared with many other heathens.

I like to spread my festive period as widely as possible. Things are a little different this year, due to circumstances that I may go into sometime, but I like to have things done by yesterday – the 21st. And by ‘things’, I mean the shopping, a good spring clean of the house, the wrapping of gifts and the roasting of chestnuts*. Then I can fully relax.

So, did I manage to get all th… no. No, no I haven’t. I’m some distance from being ready, and we’re about to head off to an all-day braai in Fishhoek. And that leaves tomorrow, because the 24th is fully booked up and the reindeer traditionally bring the fat bloke in later that evening.

I want to be done. I’m not. There’s a strange sense of disorganisation  around me this year and I’m actually rather uncomfortable about the whole thing.


* it’s currently 33ºC outside. Any hot, festive foodstuffs can actually like to voetsek.  


It’s Dad’s last day in SA before he heads back to the wintery, more-Christmassy climes Up North, so we’re making the most of it and packing as much in as possible.

Blogging – as ever, as everything – takes a second place to family time.

I do hope you understand and agree.

More tomorrow. Have a special evening.