And that was it.

The end of the holiday will hit me full on in the earhole early tomorrow morning, as my alarm clock wakes me for another day of toil in the lab. It’s the downside to having a break: the inevitable return to reality. Having been off work for 11 whole days, during which time we drove literally thousands of kilometres and paddled for literally another several, it’s going to be tough to face real life head on in the morning.

And it’s not even as if it’s going to be that bad. Most kids go back to school tomorrow, but thanks to the vagaries of the SA private schooling system, ours have an extra day off. So that’s an extra hour in bed.
Wednesday morning… well… Wednesday morning  is going to be obscene.

The good news is on the horizon. Another long weekend (and another, shorter trip away) at the end of the month. It’s not too long to wait.

And that’s what will keep me going tomorrow. After that though, I don’t know. The next long weekend isn’t until the middle of June.


Placeholder puffin

I pre-wrote a few posts for this period while I am bundu-bashing in Southern Namibia. The last one of those gets published tomorrow.

It may seem odd, but I didn’t write them in date order. And the upshot of that method is that I haven’t written a post for today. All the others are done – including tomorrow’s (you’re going to love it). Just nothing for today yet. But with life getting ever more hectic as we head towards Friday and all that it holds (that’s last Friday for you guys reading this, so “held”, I guess), there’s a chance I might forget.

So here’s a Placeholder Puffin just in case that happens.

Of course, if I do write a post for today, you’ll never see Percival the Placeholder Puffin. If you’re reading this, I ran out of time.

More tomorrow. Back live on Friday.

Have fun!

Have you blogged today?

“Have you blogged today?”

“What, me? No. No, I haven’t, as it happens.”

“Well, why not? I thought you blogged every day?”

“Yeah, I do. It’s just been a busy one. Work. Papers to review. Stuff. You know. I mean, I hadn’t forgotten or anything. I was… I am going to do one.”

“What – one of your quota photos or a Youtube music video or something? No-one reads them.”

“Sometimes it’s more just a thing of getting something on there. Keeping the run going. I’d love to write a thousand words every day, but sometimes it’s just not possible. You post what you can, when you can.”

“Really, so you’d post anything, just to not break the chain? That’s not exactly very inspiring, is it?”

“Needs must. I didn’t even have chance to sort out the photos from the weekend, otherwise, I’d probably post a link to them.”

“Ha. Well, there’s tomorrow’s post sorted then!”


“And today – got anything in mind yet?”

“Mmm. Actually, I thought maybe the transcript of a conversation with an imaginary antagonist might be the way forward.”

“Pfft. No-one is going to read that.”


“Oh really?”


Sometimes, your phone battery is down to 19% (because of a million football whatsapps) and you’re ready for bed, even though it’s only half past eight (because there was a kid’s “sleep”over here last night).

And then you remember that you have blogging commitments. Better sort that out before one or other energy source expires then.

’tis done. And so am I.