BBC says goodbye to World Cup 2010

The BBC comes in for a lot of criticism – some justified, some not.
One thing they do better than anyone else I know is their coverage of football.

This District 9 themed highlights/credits package for the 2010 World Cup is simply outstanding.

So many amazing moments, cleverly and brilliantly presented.

Thanks Arcainus

  • Fantastic video, except for the scary-eyed vuvu-monster at 3:30. He’s nearly as bad as that spider you posted a while back (and the one you put a picture of on the site).

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  • oh that fails, FIFA took it off youtube. but i was sneaky. i still has it. just don’t tell fifa k?

  • gordonasin bay

    Can’t find it here I’m afraid.

    Can’t Geoff Chiz put it up somehow?

    And did you know that the closing ceremony wasn’t on here? Not on a proper channel anyway.

    I’d love to see it if anyone has a link.

  • Po

    It was very cool. Also their coverage was much much better than ITV. The itv HD viewers missed England’s first goal because of an ad. I was watching online. the ITV feed was terrible. It was blurry and it cut out often and randomly. So I missed Suarez’s volleyball, I missed half of SA’s first and third games. I would pray the BBC was showing the game I wanted to watch.

  • Geoff > I have a copy too. And I’m now using your one. Thanks.

    GaiB > See above. Can’t believe they didn’t bother with the closing ceremony. It was very good. Look out for the FIFA DVD coming soon.

    Po > ITV are SOOO useless. They were bad when I lived there. Now, they’re dreadful according to all reports.

  • Adrian Chiles wants shooting. He was terrible for ITV this world cup

  • It is very fun. world cup in south afrika. The winner is spain. congrat

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