Try Me I’m New

Because my most important reader is me.
And also because some people aren’t on twitter (my end of which has gone a bit crazy since I posted this earlier today).

This photo:


Which stomach-churningly combines two of the staples of South African cookery into one handy-to-braai sausage casing.
At what point did someone actually stop whatever they were doing and consider putting pap and wors into a single sausage unit? And then go and do it? And then, having examined the visually-disturbing result, decide that putting it on sale would be a good thing to do?
Have Pick n Pay lost the plot? What are they smoking in that butchery there?

Try me I’m new, it entices.

No thanks. Really. No.

Man at work

While you and I were living it up and drinking at the weekend, The Guru was also living it up and drinking. And then coding. Some say he codes better after a bottle of red wine. Or two. Some say they have never seen him wholly sober.
All I know is that he is working damn hard to iron out the little nuances which the multitude of web browsers chuck at part-time web designers these days. The Guru is a thorough animal and is determined that this project (and therefore this blog) will be all sparkly with all its bits in the right places; whichever browser you choose to use.
Consequently, things may seem to be a little out of place from time to time when you visit here. Please feel free to mention them in a comment somewhere. Especially if you are using a mainstream browser: i.e. IE. But do make sure it’s the most recent version. The Guru doesn’t have time to go back into the annals of history just because you’re still living in 1994 and using Mosaic.
He has coding to do and red wine to drink. 

While we’re on admin stuff, here’s a few more bits ‘n’ pieces:

  1. Made in Oxford is an exhibition by Oxford Flickr users. I lived in Oxford for 9 years and while I constantly wax lyrical about how photogenic Cape Town is, that goes for Oxford too. The Flickr blog showcases a few great examples.
  2. I popped some new photos up onto Flickr myself. Nothing too spectacular, just point and shoot fun with the kids this weekend.
  3. And if you were wondering if you have it in you to become a fantastic photographer, you can find all the information you need here at 27/ It might just be easier than you think.

Right. I must away. People to do, things to see.
Or something along those lines.

EDIT: Damn, I think my short-term memory is going. Two more bits of admin stuff that I had forgotten.

  1. Welcome Wiggy’s World to the blogroll. Probably the best blog written by a Newcastle United-supporting, football-playing marquee salesman from Mansfield that I have read this year. Or at least in the top 3.
  2. New spam technique (which had me confused for a while): Copies of existing comments from the blog (including one of mine). Presumably, the theory is that because the comment in question has made it past Akismet and moderation once, it’s regarded as clean. Clever. But it didn’t fool me. Eventually.

In other news, I think my short-term memory is going.


It’s been a truly hectic weekend, negotiating the tricky turns between braai, pool and beer fridge, so please excuse me if I don’t supply too much mental stimulation this evening. My head is already sore, pending tomorrow’s Monday morning hangover and I am mildly sunburned.

The new study – which has more fans this this blog – was sparkly and clean, aside from 4 boxes stacked neatly in one corner. Now, 3 of the 4 boxes have gone and their contents have been liberally spread across the room by a combination of my kids and my wife. You’re lucky that I could even find the keyboard amongst the clutter that I never intended this room to experience. Perhaps you don’t see it that way.

Weekends like this tend to leave me short of news and information. I haven’t watched any news, I haven’t looked at much interwebs and I have even missed out on the football. And rugby. And cricket.  I have drunk a whole heap of beer and eaten some really nicely-cooked red meat and nicely-uncooked sushi though. The latter was served to us by a waiter who resembled Father Fintan Stack, but without the drum & bass and the power drill. I mentioned this to him and he told me that if I ever said that to him again, he’d put my head through the wall.

The sushi was good though.

Anyway, I’m off to play catch-up with the Sunday Times and a bit of Sevilla v Real Madrid.

Pool post

Today was the first “proper” day of “summer”.
We celebrated it by playing in the pool, something like this (which was taken back in March).

And then we headed out for a romantic dinner. And plenty of red wine.

You are indeed fortunate that I managed to squeeze a blog post in between those two events.

Flying is cheating

After the whole Andrew Strauss/Fatty Smith controversy, the ICC Champions Trophy is rapidly sinking from “poor sportsmanship” to “blatant cheating”:


It’s about time that post-match blogging evidence was taken into account.