Avocado bathroom

I think we’ve all been in a house with one. I think we all know what to say.

Too many soundbites to share from the Mitchell & Webb sketch, but I think that:

How could you sleep a wink knowing that somewhere in your house, mute ceramic witness was being paid to your total inability to bow to the prevailing taste consensus?

has to be (at least) in the top 3.

Party Hard

Party hard? Ag, I’m too old for all that sort of thing.

But a corporate jolly at Vergenoegd today (So. Much. Duck.) followed by a birthday bash this evening makes it sound like I could still be up for it, and it’s also has left me very short of time to pop up a blog post on here.

This, therefore, is that post.

The weather wasn’t all it could have been for the duck parade (see link above), and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, so I’ve already decided that we’re going to head out there again to get some shots of a really unique phenomenon.

Just not right now.


I ran my first 10km for about 2 years this morning. This delay was mainly down to three reasons: injury, laziness, and injury and laziness.

There will certainly be faster 10km runs done today, but they won’t be run by me. For the record, it was never my intention to run 10km this morning, but a combination of some poor planning and a lack of concentration left me about 5km from my house, having already run 5km.
From that moment I didn’t have a huge variety of options available to me.

The 98% humidity meant that I lost almost 1.3kg in (just over) an hour. If that rate of weight loss continues, I’ll be dead in several days.
Thankfully, I intend to delay my imminent demise via means of a bacon butty, right now.


It was all going really well. Far too well, now I look back upon it.

I’d fixed the shelves in the boy’s bedroom (although I did use my swearing quota for the month while doing so), I’d been to the gym and nailed a reasonable cardio workout, I had even gone and done the odd jobs I had promised to do at the mother-in-law’s place.

I deserved brandy and football.

But the brandy is (apparently) alcoholic, and I’m trying to be a good boy as far as alcohol goes this week. It’s one of those things I try to do every now and again that (sadly) does actually make me feel a bit healthier and ever so self-righteous. I’ll miss it, but at least there’s still the football.

And then came the threat of loadshedding. On a football night:


As I write, the threat hasn’t materialised, but if it does materialise, the first you’ll know about it is an abrupt







end to this post. My zone is scheduled to go off for the whole of the first half (and some of the second half) of all of the Europa League quarter finals. That would almost certainly mean having to dip into the May swearing allowance.

And probably some brandy for good measure.

Jet pack pengy

Spotted on twitter, an image described thus:

I’m published in [as an honorable mention in their photo competition]! This photo was taken while we were sampling waters and sediments to develop tools to assess the risk of contaminants in Antarctica.

… and featuring a penguin which I correctly identified as an Adélie (Pygoscelis adeliae), which has been mentioned before on this blog (not this actual Adélie penguin, obviously). You’ll note that the description isn’t all that thrilling, so you’ll likely have guessed that the image is pretty good.

You’d be right.

Perfect timing. And yes, the penguin has just leapt out of the water, but it does look like it has some sort of water jet pack on its back. Or maybe it’s a blast from its bottom: Adélie penguins are known for that sort of thing – there’s a whole scientific paper on it:

Featuring lines like:

Chinstrap and Adélie penguins generate considerable pressures to propel their faeces away from the edge of the nest. The forces involved, lying well above those known for humans, are high, but do not lead to an energetically wasteful turbulent flow.

Honestly, what sort of scientist wakes up one morning and thinks:

You know what? Today, I’ll try to find out how forcefully a penguin shits.
There’s a meritorious project that will provide humanity with essential knowledge and earn me scientific infamy.

But I digress. Often. It just looks like this penguin is shooting an water jet from its anus. As I mentioned above, that’s unlikely to be the case.

That this great photo only made it into the Honourable Mention section of the  Nature #ScientistAtWork photo competition mean that there must be some absolute bangers in there.

And there are. Go and see right here.

Photo credit: Darren Koppel