Trying to edit

I’m trying to do some editing for a work project, but I’m struggling. Yesterday, out of necessity, I did a lot of tidying and rearranging of the garage space. It was a mess and – while it is still a mess – I have at least thrown some of that mess away and put a lot more of it behind some cupboard doors. My car now fits.


Much of the job involved a lot of dust, and I’m still struggling with sore eyes and an itchy upper respiratory system. I dread to think what sort of particles I’ve inhaled and/or got into my eyes, and what the long term effects of those might be, because the short term effects really aren’t pretty. It’s a real effort to focus (not mentally, literally focus my eyes in the screen) for any length of time.

Even writing this is quite sore.
I’m such a martyr.

I think I’m going to have to go and relax in a darkened room with a couple of slices of cucumber.

In a gin and tonic.

BZN concert

I have been receiving SO MANY EMAILS this week about Dutch band BZN’s upcoming concerts in South Africa. They arrived in Cape Town this morning and they play here tomorrow evening, and then up in Johannesbeagle over the weekend. And I’m not saying that ticket sales have not been going well, but:

1. The tickets are now buy one get one free, and
2. They’re emailing me about it.

I had never heard of BZN, and now I know why.

Target audience be damned.

But what could have gone wrong, when they’re being supported by Nadine, Manie Jackson (no relation) and Christo & Cobus*? And when BZN have given us such hits as Love’s Like A River:

and Amore:

Sweet Baby Cheeses. It’s like a really bad ABBA.
And ABBA are really bad already.

If this is your idea of great music, get yourself (and your freebie +1) along to one of their gigs. That way, the clearly desperate promoters might stop emailing me about them.

* Interestingly, the other three support acts are Juanita du Plessis, Franja… er… du Plessis and… erm… Ruan Josh (whose full name is Ruan Josh du Plessis). Truly a family full of sh… owmanship. 

Station to Station

I dropped the boy off early at school the nuclear power station this morning. The traffic back looked awful, so despite it being a rather grey, miserable day, I decided to delay my trip back home by having a wander along Melkbosstrand beach. Never having been to Melkbosstrand before, I decided to head for the Atlantic Ocean and then stop just before I got my tyres wet and walk from there. This approach worked well, and delivered me to the parking lot outside the local NSRI station. From there, I shot this:

…which shows just how close the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station was to my chosen start point.
Couple of kilometres, max, right?



I hopelessly misunderestimated the distance. As a wandered along the rather nondescript beach, the power station slowly moved away from me. Or did the beach between us elongate? I didn’t seem to be getting any closer.


I don’t give up though, and even though last night’s energetic game of football had taken its toll on me, I kept going. It turned out to be about 5kms before I was met by this sign:

That’ll stop the terrorists.

You’ll note that the actual power station still doesn’t seem to have got any closer.

Anyway, I thought that I’d better not go any further. After all, the sign says you mustn’t, and who’s about to disobey the Sea-shore [sic] Act 21 of 1935. Not I. Even if it has apparently (and unsurprisingly) been repealed. After all, Section 10, subsection 2  warns us:

Any regulation may provide a penalty, not exceeding a
fine of twenty-five  pounds, for any contravention thereof or
failure to comply therewith.

25 quid is nearly R500 (per baboon). They’re not messing around here.

This sign seemed like a good place to turn around, given that much like the previous five kilometres, I wasn’t going to get any closer to the power station. It was then I found that I was going to have to face the rather stiff breeze for the duration of the journey back to the car.

I might have misunderestimated that as well. Blowy.

In fact, it turned out that it was so windy that my gait was shortened enough for my watch to think that I was climbing stairs. 5km of them, starting at sea level and finishing at… well… also sea level.

I made it back, feeling smooth, energised, and smelling like tiramisu, and headed back home. A morning well spent, and I get to do it all again this afternoon – well, the driving bit, anyway.

I didn’t take my camera onto the near deserted beach. This is South Africa and one doesn’t take that sort of risk when one doesn’t know the area and there’s no-one around. It would have been fine, but there was nothing much to ‘tog anyway, so I didn’t miss out. Melkbosstrand might be nice in the summer (although I have no evidence), but it wasn’t much to write home about on a chilly, windy October morning.

101 uses for coffee grounds

I’m always looking for good ways to reduce the amount of waste in our house. Already, we produce about a quarter as much landfill waste as the neighbours each week, despite having double the number of people (and an infinitely more dogs) than they do. But why not keep going and see if we can get that down even further?

My Nespresso pods aren’t exactly wonderful for the environment, but they do all go for recycling – the aluminium gets reused and the coffee grounds go to worm farms for composting.

But what if I’m not using the machine and I’m deep into plunging, what then? Most goes into my worm farm round the back, but I was surprised to learn that there are million* other uses for coffee grounds.

And yes, composting is there as well, but also removing garlic or onion smells from your hands, keeping your fridge fresh, blocking your plughole** and this little gem:

For your face, simply use leftover coffee grounds with a bit of coconut oil and tea tree oil, and gently scrub your face in circles. Your face will be left feeling smooth, energised, and smelling like tiramisu.

To be fair, I never knew that I wanted my face to smell like an Italian dessert, but if that’s merely a side-effect of my skin feeling smooth and energised, I’m willing to give it a go.

P.S. Our teabag firelighter project is also still going well.


* wild exaggeration
** not actually listed

One Million Views

Here’s some amazing news about stats I don’t really usually keep an eye on, but I have been keeping an eye on lately.

I have one million views on Flickr.

One million people have looked at my photographs. One. Million!

Now, that will not be a big thing for some people, but it turns out that I’m actually quite chuffed with it.

Let’s have a song to celebrate.

Ironically, at the time of posting, this video has almost 5 million views. And it’s not even their best work. It’s not even the best mix of this song. So I clearly have some way to go to reach the dizzy heights of Goldfish et al.

But one million views is a really good start, thank you.