Almost forgot

Public holidays throw me out. Not throw me out like that wholly unjustified bouncer at Fireman’s last week. Nor as in a piece of rubbish (which again, links in nicely with the Fireman’s episode, because I ended up face first in a wheelie bin).
No. They throw me out because now I think that today is Sunday (it’s not) and tomorrow is Monday (it’s not). This misapprehension will continue through tomorrow (Monday), the day after (Tuesday) and it will be Thursday before I even realise that it is actually Thursday.

I was so thrown out today that I almost forgot to blog.

Yes. That’s what I felt like when I realised.

Typically, it being a Sunday morning (except it’s Monday), we headed down to the beach to give the kids some fresh air and steal some shells. Alex was in the midst of a particularly generous collective of mussels when a completely unexpected wave came after him. The result was the photo above.