All roads lead to recovery

Mrs 6000 is virtually completely mended and that means that we are able to head south and leave the bitter flighting on Clifton beach behind us. It’s no big deal that we’ve delayed our trip by a day or two, but I’m ready to go and relax now (not that I’ve been doing an awful lot of much else over the festive period).

Last night, I got to return to the marital bed after a couple of nights on the couch for everyone’s sanity and for the wellbeing of my throat. No-one likes Strep being breathed at them all night. I’m feeling rested and ready to go.

The beagle has been washed, the plants have been watered, the housesitter is sitting and the R316 and its sister, the beautiful R319, are calling.

Blogging will continue, of course, but you might reasonably expect shorter, more image-heavy posts. It is holiday time after all. A reminder that my instagram and twitter often get additional usage at these times.