NEW Danny MacAskill!

This time our ridiculously-talented trail bike riding guru is on the rooftops of Gran Canaria. It might not have the natural scenery of some of his previous videos, but yikes: sweaty palms, much Music is Fools by The Dodos. Is nice.

Danny Daycare

Danny MacAskill (see 6000 passim…) takes his friends’ daughter out for a spin around Scotland. Brilliant. There’s also a really cool “behind the scenes” video here. I mean, Daisy was easy to work with; Danny was a challenge, really. Good, silly fun. Definitely worth 4 minutes of your Sunday.

Wee Day Out

Another Danny MacAskill video. And it’s every bit as all the other Danny MacAskill videos we’ve shared on here. Here’s Wee Day Out: Some beautiful scenery, some memories from the music, and – following the edited version, some excellent and amusing outtakes. Divine. Comedy. Yep, even talent like that has to take a few goes … Continue reading “Wee Day Out”

Oh Danny Boy

Danny MacAskill (you may remember him from such posts as Epecuén and Imaginate) is back, and this time, he’s in the Skye. The Isle of Skye to be exact. Well, there we go. Fairly astonishing once again. Scenery, cinematography, colours, skills – and this image: Music this time is by Martyn Bennett – it’s called Blackbird. … Continue reading “Oh Danny Boy”


I watched this last night and I shared it on Facebook. Then I watched it again this morning and I felt that it was more than deserving of its own post on the blog. You may remember Danny MacAskill from such posts as Imaginate and Way Back Home, but Red Bull have moved on since them … Continue reading “Epecuén”