Cape Town Stage 6 Loadshedding Schedules

The country’s gone to shit, there’s literally not enough power to keep the lights lit, but we’re still hanging on by a thread… Here are the loadshedding schedules for CAPE TOWN including stages 6, 7 and 8…ahead of the great darkness that lies beyond. 6000cozaCapeTownStages6-8 Good luck and stay safe out there, people.

On loadshedding (this time around)

Good afternoon from Cape Town. I’m sitting here writing a blog post to take my mind off the fact that I will be missing at least the first half hour of Sheffield United’s match at Norwich City because there’s loadshedding (“rolling blackouts”) and we’re being loadshod right now. There are no electricitys. How am I … Continue reading “On loadshedding (this time around)”

December 2018 Cape Town Loadshedding Links

Like a poor sequel, loadshedding (you may remember it from such terms as “Rolling Blackouts”) has returned, and once again, we are regularly being plunged into darkness. Being plunged into darkness is never good at the best of times, but if you don’t know that it’s coming, it can be particularly irritating. So, best that … Continue reading “December 2018 Cape Town Loadshedding Links”

Cape Town Loadshedding 2018

I would really rather not be writing this one. Yep. Loadshedding is back. Not wet coal or no coal or breakdowns or corruption this time. This is strike action, although some believe it should be called something entirely different: Because yes, this electricity shortage is because the workers aren’t happy about not getting a pay … Continue reading “Cape Town Loadshedding 2018”

June loadshedding rumours aren’t true

Eskom has let us know that the message spreading on social media (basically Facebook), that there will be twice daily routine loadshedding from next week, isn’t true: Several keyboard warriors individuals replied to these tweets with swearing and insults, the combination of which cut the nation’s power usage by 10% and assisted hugely with hastening the completion of … Continue reading “June loadshedding rumours aren’t true”