Nigel in Iceland

Another Nigel Danson-related link, this time to one of his photos and one of his videos from his recent trip to Iceland. I really like the drama of his Icelandic Storm image: Bigger on black here, and well worth the click. The story of how the image was captured is also worth a look. Patience … Continue reading “Nigel in Iceland”


We like Iceland here on 6000 miles… – you only have to look at our extensive Iceland section to see that. Now, you’d do well to remember that Iceland is the best place in the world to be if you want to take amazing landscape photographs, but even so, our love of all thing Icelandic has only been … Continue reading “MOAR ICELAND!”

Iceland whale tourism idea is brilliant

Iceland. Land of ice. And volcanoes. And financial ruin (like everywhere else these days). And puffins. They’ve come up with another gem of an idea to attract visitors to their lump of rock: Whale watching – with a twist. You get to eat what you see. Watching and hunting whales “work perfectly together” in a … Continue reading “Iceland whale tourism idea is brilliant”

The other Icelandic export

The spotlight this week has been firmly placed on Iceland. Iceland is of course, best known for giving the rest of the world two things: Volcanic ash & Björk. Its major import is money from investors across Europe, which it loses and doesn’t give back. With my psuedo-Viking heritage, it’s somewhere I have always wanted to … Continue reading “The other Icelandic export”

Bird tracks

Whether they’re slithering, hopping or walking, animals leave tracks wherever they walk in the sand or on the earth. Equally, you can follow birds this way while they’re on land, but as soon as they take off, their path becomes invisible. Well, until now January 2018 at least, when photographer Barcelona-based photographer Xavi Bou decided to … Continue reading “Bird tracks”