Space Station eclipse photo isn’t real

After the asphyxiated Capetonian dog, I’ve discovered that there’s even more fakery and hoaxism on the internet. Hoodathunkit? Here’s one of the culprits: Tweet: Solar eclipse at the International Space Station. #eclipse #eclipse2015 But no. Says Gizmodo’s Jesus Diaz: It’s a 3D rendering made in Terragen 2 by DevianArt user ~A4size-ska. It took 38 hours … Continue reading “Space Station eclipse photo isn’t real”

Loo leak

It’s bad enough having plumbing problems here on earth, but just imagine if you get a burst pipe in space. Well, that’s what has happened on the International Space Station. There’s been no official confirmation from NASA, but the Russian Space Agency… er… leaked information that a loo in the American bit of the spacecraft … Continue reading “Loo leak”

We can fix our s#*t

2017 has been yet another rough year for everyone, everywhere across the globe. I guess then that the only individuals who are even vaguely happy are the astronauts on the International Space Station, but even they have to come back down to earth (figuratively and literally) at some point. But I’d wager that the people … Continue reading “We can fix our s#*t”

Back down to earth

Even as I begin this blog post, I have no idea what it will be about. How exciting is that? “What a rebel! What a firebrand! How does he do it?” I hear the audience marvel. I do know what it won’t be about though: flight. It suddenly struck me that my last three posts … Continue reading “Back down to earth”

Cape Town from space

Astronaut Randy Bresnick shared this image of Cape Town taken from the International Space Station. He says it was this morning, but there was a lot of cloud over Cape Town this morning, so I’m guessing that it was just “a morning”. Still, decent pic: Click through here for full size. It’s upside down in … Continue reading “Cape Town from space”