Looking back: The Daily Mail Weather Outlook for 2012

This goes out to @StephanieBe who is heading out to the UK shortly and read this morning that… er… the UK is about to face its coldest winter for 100 years. Stephanie is Saffa born and bred. Her genes aren’t cut out to cope with cold Decembers. Stephanie is afraid. Fortunately for Stephanie, that “coldest … Continue reading “Looking back: The Daily Mail Weather Outlook for 2012”

Dan and Dan on the Daily Mail

We’ve had more than a couple of run-ins with the useless tabloid rag which is Britain’s Daily Mail here on 6000 miles… There was that Peter Hitchens racist nonsense, their laughably inaccurate reporting on the Fishhoek shark attack and then, more recently, the whole Jacob “Vile Buffoon” Zuma thing during JZ’s state visit to Britain. It is, … Continue reading “Dan and Dan on the Daily Mail”

The Daily Mail quandary – sorted

I can’t be arsed with the Daily Mail anymore. Who could forget the infamous Peter Hitchens piece in the Daily Mail last year, covered so adequately in my “The Daily Mail Quandary” post? The quandary being that while the Mail is seventeen different sorts of crap and provides a platform to ill-informed and racist bigots, it … Continue reading “The Daily Mail quandary – sorted”

The Daily Mail quandary

I remember being in the UK. Downing a coffee and heading out into the rain to work. Popping into the hospital newsagents in the morning and buying the paper. I generally stuck with The Times or The Telegraph. If it was Monday, I might get The Sun for the football news. I wouldn’t touch the Daily Mail, because I didn’t want to … Continue reading “The Daily Mail quandary”


It’s the weekend, but I’m at work. Hence “workend”. Yeah, I know. I was also impressed. Experimental protocols are no respecters of the 5-day working week. Actually, scrub that: they are if I write them. I work around the difficult concepts of “weekdays” and “weekends”, and the work still gets done. This one wasn’t written … Continue reading “Workend”