The Mother We Share

One of those songs that tickled my fancy when it came out, but then got forgotten until Lauren Laverne played it on the 6 Music Breakfast Show this morning while I was being pestered for a share of my biltong by the beagle. It’s Chvrches big hit (you may remember them from this cover of … Continue reading “The Mother We Share”

Deadpan Robert Smith – preserved for posterity

I spotted this on twitter and shared it amongst friends yesterday, but I just heard it played again on 6 Music and couldn’t help but laugh. It needs to be preserved on more than social media. So here it is on 6000 miles… Robert Smith of The Cure – fresh from touring SA – simply slaying … Continue reading “Deadpan Robert Smith – preserved for posterity”

150 up

As I mentioned yesterday on certain social medias, my now-more-popular-than-ever Inspired By 6 Spotify playlist crashed through the 150 song mark this week. A bit of housekeeping meant that four new tracks were required to get it there. They were: Banners – Start A Riot (overheard on one of Mrs 6000’s weird Showmax series) The … Continue reading “150 up”


February is very much the month of love, and so – given that I’m running out of time and energy to blog (or do anything else today), here’s a beautiful song from Ex:Re (it’s pronounced like the skeleton photo thing) from the 6 Music Live Room: Romance. Yeah, sadly this is about how unromantic this particular … Continue reading “Romance”

Trick of the Light

NOTE: Trick of the Light is one of the many brilliant tracks on my inspired by 6 Spotify playlist. Go see. Go share.   Villagers in the BBC 6 Music Live Room. Wonderful. I didn’t know much about Villagers, so I went to their website where I found that they are: an Irish indie folk band from … Continue reading “Trick of the Light”