Great radio

It was probably somewhere around 45 minutes into the BBC 6 Music morning show yesterday that it suddenly dawned on me that the presenter (do we still call them “DJ”s?) had played banger after banger after banger. No, not sausages or sketchy cars. Some top tunes. It was at that point that I tweeted about … Continue reading “Great radio”

You know me so well

I may have sorted out my music issues. If I was looking for some sign or other to push in any given direction, it came with Spotify’s official entry into the SA music market earlier this week. Of course, there have always been ways of enjoying Spotify on your devices in SA, but it’s so … Continue reading “You know me so well”

2018 album news

Lifted (in part at least) from the BBC 6 Music article 18 albums we’re looking forward to in 2018. As ever, their selection does differ somewhat from mine, but there is still some correlation. I heard the “new” Manic Street Preachers single International Blue for the first time yesterday (hey, it’s been December) and I was … Continue reading “2018 album news”

Gig gripes

BBC radio station 6 Music recently looked at six different things that annoy people about live music events, and asked how best to solve them. Here they are in their (apparently random) order. Mobile phones. Not them ringing; them filming. Are they really an issue? Relatively early on in the bit of my life which … Continue reading “Gig gripes”

Different sounds

This has been doing the rounds on BBC 6 Music for a while now: It sounds properly exotic, and it’s by Four Tet, who turns out to be a 39-year-old from Putney called Kieran Hebden. Which is kinda where the exoticness ends. Although I’m pretty sure that we’re listening to a Hammered Dulcimer here (like this … Continue reading “Different sounds”