February is very much the month of love, and so – given that I’m running out of time and energy to blog (or do anything else today), here’s a beautiful song from Ex:Re (it’s pronounced like the skeleton photo thing) from the 6 Music Live Room: Romance. Yeah, sadly this is about how unromantic this particular … Continue reading “Romance”

Trick of the Light

NOTE: Trick of the Light is one of the many brilliant tracks on my inspired by 6 Spotify playlist. Go see. Go share.   Villagers in the BBC 6 Music Live Room. Wonderful. I didn’t know much about Villagers, so I went to their website where I found that they are: an Irish indie folk band from … Continue reading “Trick of the Light”

Inspired by 6

I may have mentioned these things before, but not together, and even if I have, it deserves repeating. First thing: I listen to BBC 6 Music at lot. I’m right in their target demographic, so they suit me and I suit them. Symbiotic, innit? Second thing: I’m (still) really enjoying Spotify. I love having the … Continue reading “Inspired by 6”

Strikingly beautiful

No! [chuckles] No, not me! Not this time, at least. I stream BBC 6 Music into the office and the lab. As the guy in charge around here, I get to make these sort of choices: it’s good to be king. But 6 Music is what happens in the background: in the foreground there’s TB, … Continue reading “Strikingly beautiful”

The Club

I don’t do clubs anymore. I don’t miss that lifestyle. Tenuously (at best) linked to those facts, here’s a song which is on the BBC 6 Music playlist (and on my free-to-follow inspired by 6 Spotify playlist) at the moment, from all-female Madrid four-piece band Hinds which is called The Club. I dunno. I fully recognise … Continue reading “The Club”