Here we go (again) 

Here’s the latest pre-season news from Beautiful Downtown Bramall Lane:

Hey, hang on. He’s supposed to be our star player for next season. 

That would be bad news for us, but brilliant for some (but probably not all) of our rivals. 


So much for the brave new dawn at the Lane. You don’t win leagues by selling your best players. (Apart from best player selling leagues, obviously.) 

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Anthem Goosebumps

Samsung are known for some good stuff (I have a lovely Samsung TV) and some not so good stuff (Mrs 6000 has appalling battery life) (on her Samsung phone, that is). (Mrs 6000 doesn’t have batteries.) (She runs on wine.)

And now, Samsung are going to be known for this advert ‘The Anthem’, which you’re going to be heartily sick of by the end of the Olympics, but which you’ll like right now. Goosebumps time.

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Local folk will recognise that some (or more) of this advert was filmed in Cape Town. But that’s actually beside the point. This is just a very nice advert which almost makes you forget the terrible FUBAR state of the world at the moment.


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Quota pelicans

I’ve been here a long time now. Almost 30% of my life. But I still get a childish kind of excitement when I spot stuff that, as a child, I would only have seen in a zoo. And by this, I mean wild stuff. Not stuff in a zoo. Because you’d expect to see that in a zoo anyway. No, I’m talking about baboons, penguins, whales (no, I’ve never seen a whale in a zoo), flamingos, ostriches, snakes, mongeeses, and yes, pelicans.


This isn’t my photo. I was emailed it. Sadly, I’m fairly sure that it isn’t the photo of the person that emailed me either. So credit to the Unknown Photographer. Nice work.

Pelicans, for the record, are large. Big, chunky birds which do a lot of soaring. You can see them in Cape Town on the in-this-case-ever-so-slightly-misnamed Flamingo Vlei in (Uns)Table View and, if you’re lucky on the Black River between Obs and the M5. The locals are Great White Pelicans (Pelecanus onocrotalus) (and nothing to do with the sharks) whereas the ones above with their pink beaks and thin black line under their wings are, I think, Australian Pelicans (Pelecanus conspicillatus).

And of course, when speaking of pelicans, one should always quote Dixon Lanier Merritt:

A wonderful bird is the Pelican.
His beak can hold more than his belly can.
He can hold in his beak
Enough food for a week!
But I’ll be darned if I know how the hellican?

Yep. Big beaks. And those Aussies above have the biggest of all.

The record-sized bill was 50cm (20″) long.

Half a metre of beak. And that’s mainly keratin, just like your hair and nails, and just like a rhino’s horn.

Yikes. No-one tell the poachers…

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Not sure how I hadn’t seen this before, but it’s certainly something worth preserving on here for posterity and revisitation.

This, according to the Youtube authorship anyway, is Jean-Jacques Wallis, and he’s jumping off the Lions Head (remember when my wife did that?) and paragliding down to Clifton beach.
Fast and hard and low.

Ever so low.

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Blimey. Bit toight approaching the beach there. Squeaky bum time.

Colour me impressed by his bravery and skill. And yes, at some point, this sort of thing usually all ends in tears, but for the moment, let’s come along and enjoy the good times while we can.

P.S. There’s another one here.

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Timelapse Number 3

I’m ever so slightly behind the curve on this one. I blame the Sun lighting my solar eleventh house. Uranus is rising.


Behold the return of Brendon Wainwright with his latest offering, I Am Cape Town 3.

This following hot… well… lukewarm,m anyway on the heels of I Am Cape Town and I Am Cape Town 2. And what he lacks in imaginative titling skills, he certainly makes up for in his photographic ability.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

And yes, you’ll probably already have noticed that this one is in glorious 4K. And if you’re fortunate enough to have a 4K TV *waves*, it’s going to look pretty amazing in the corner of your living room.

The music – always an important part of these things is – by Ludovico Einaudi wannabe Stefan Kruger.

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