(not) Thinking about things

This headline explains a lot about what’s happened in the world so far this year.


I was well aware that there were many things that were more popular than thought. Capetonian examples of this include views of Table Mountain, bad driving, the Cape Town 7s rugby tournament and crapft beer.

But for thought to have sunk so very far down the list of popular things, down even below “onshore wind farms”, for it to be so very unfashionable… well, suddenly the current sorry state of the planet is explained.


When I caught a glimpse of this project yesterday evening, I immediately knew what today’s blog post was going to be.

london-heathrow-27l-terminal-5-and-tower amsterdam-schiphol-24-kaagbaanMike Kelley (for it is his wot the project is) has spent a lot of time photographing aircraft and possibly even more time on Photoshop, adding them all to these images (Heathrow T5 and Schiphol – behold the KLMitude). Yes, obviously it’s photoshopped – I don’t think they’d allow quite that many flights to take off simultaneously. That said, it does appear that they have all successfully avoided each other, so this may be a good way of preventing runway congestion and subsequent delays. Certainly worth looking into.

There are a lot more photos in this series, from places as diverse as LA and Tokyo. And there are other series too with some amazing images. An interesting one is Architechture of Iceland (click through from the link above). Who goes to Iceland to photograph the architecture?
Well, it turns out that Mike Kelley does, and he does it damn well.

Go see.

Marketing 101

[Steeple Properties Head Office]

Estate Agent: I saw this great motivational quote “Pave your road to success”.
I think it really sums up what clients can achieve if they choose our company.
If only there were some way we could accurately depict this in image form.

Marketing Manager: “Pave your road”, hmm? No problem. I got this, fam:


6000 miles… checklist:

Paving – no
Roads – no
Success – seems unlikely

Level 3 Water Restrictions For Cape Town

Yep. “Just” 11 months after putting the Level 2 water restrictions in place, and with a disappointingly dry winter behind us, the City’s Mayco has approved the implementation of Level 3 restrictions from 1st November 2016. That’s because you and I haven’t saved enough water this year.
Victim-blaming hat on:

Cape Town residents as a whole did not achieve the consistent 10% reduction in water use that was mandated from 1 January 2016. If we continue to use water as we did on Level 2 restrictions over the coming summer months, the dams are at risk of falling to 15% by the end of the summer period. Following on, if we experience poor rainfall next rainy season, we could find our dams at approximately 50% this time next year.

The dam levels have slipped slightly again this week – their second successive weekly fall, and although it’s not by much, it’s still not by much the wrong way. Unless something dramatic happens, our “high” at the end of winter will have been a worrying 62.5%.

Chez 6000, we’ve already been washing with a bucket on the shower floor to collect the “spare” grey water, which then goes on the garden each morning. But apparently it’s simply not been enough.
“SO MANY BUCKETS THOUGH!!!!” he wailed.

In basic terms, what these means is that the more water you use, the more you will pay – at higher tariffs too, but if you can reduce your usage by 20%, you should pay no more than you are already paying (but for less water, obviously).
Oh – and there are some other really important additional new rules too:

 – Watering/irrigation (with drinking water from municipal supply) of gardens, lawns, flower beds and other plants, vegetable gardens, sports fields, parks and other open spaces is allowed only if using a bucket or watering container. No use of hosepipes or automatic sprinkler systems is allowed.

– Cars and boats may only be washed with water from buckets.

– Manual topping up of swimming pools is allowed only if pools are fitted with a pool cover. No automatic top-up systems are allowed.

– No portable play pools are permitted to be used.

What remains to be seen is whether any of this will be policed or whether the city will simply rely on those higher bills to deter excessive water usage. Since that approach evidently didn’t work on the Level 2 restrictions, I wonder if they will actually be doing something about people not obeying the rules this summer?

At the elephant park

Mrs 6000 recently made a trip to the Knysna Elephant Park in… well… near Knysna. Among the activities on offer there are watching the elephants, feeding the elephants, riding the elephants and photographing the…


er… zebras?

Yes, they have zebras there too. Mrs 6000 took many amazing photos of the elephants too, and I will be uploading them to Flickr. But this striking (previously variegated) image of these four chaps jumped out as an immediate favourite of mine, and that’s why it’s up here first.

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