I’m at Uncle Paul’s, that bastion of Southern Suburbs privilege, for the last time this evening. (Not for the last time this evening, although actually that as well, but I mean that it’s our final Uncle Paul’s.)
We are officially veterans. And I’ve noticed a couple of things over the years.

The standard of behaviour has steadily declined. Kids and adults. They may as well not bother with rules. And the level of parental responsibility seems to have gone the same way too. Now, those two may be directly linked – I’d guess that the latter directly exacerbates the former.

I would also suggest that it’s a perfect measure of the way our society is headed.

And that’s not ideal. 🙁

Too much?

I may have overdone it. We went to Montagu Springs in the morning – thoroughly recommended – did some dried fruit shopping (this was Montagu, after all) after that, and then dived in at a wine farm on the way home. But it was too hot to sleep last night. And because of that, following a busy day and followed by a busy day, I’m knackered.

The guest house was great, they had baboons in the front garden, but there was other good stuff about it too. The Springs were busy, but well run and a lot of fun. The wine farm was nearly closed, but they found time to give us a burger or five, some beer and some milkshakes (but actually no wine…) and the journey home was thankfully uneventful and surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

It’s been a really great weekend, but I’m completely broken.


Today, with the temperature topping off at 41°C, we went to a donkey sanctuary.
Donkeys are desert animals and don’t mind the heat.

Then we went brandy tasting. Everyone was drawn to the air-con.


The view from the guest house is superb, but my WordPress app is still playing up and so I can’t share it with you.

Sorry about that.

Non stop

Lab work, interviewing nurses in Somerset West, a Skype meeting that went on far longer than it should, home to braai and then pack for a short trip tomorrow (more of that… tomorrow).
It’s past 10 and I’ve only just sat down.

Probably best that you’re willing to settle for a photo of a heron on a tree top, then.
More from a (not really) mystery location tomorrow.

Advent Calendars

December 1st PSA: If you are wondering whether to get an advent calendar this year or not bother and maybe get one in 2017 instead, then just be aware that there might not be any around next year.

Their days are numbered.