Theewaterskloof not revisited

More amazing blogger professionalism here as I noted that it was (almost) a year ago when I took this group of pictures at the – then empty – Theewaterskloof Dam near Villiersdorp. Here’s the post.

It being (almost) one year on, it seems reasonable – essential, even – that I should return and do a comparison set of images. But I simply don’t have the time to fit that in, so you’ll just have to take my word for the fact that things are much improved from those worrying conditions of early February 2018. w

Today, Theewaterskloof stands at 48% full, compared to 14% when we visited last year. Overall, our dams are 62% full, compared to 27% this time last year. There are no worries about not having water in a couple of months time. All is good. All is moist.

There is a small, yet vocal, minority of individuals who still believe that the entire water crisis was simply a myth. They argue that it was merely a DA (our local ruling party) ploy to charge more money for water and to install Israeli-made water meters. There are two points that I would like to make to these people:

Firstly, that there is a small, yet vocal, minority of individuals who still believe that the moon landings were faked.
They are also wrong.

Secondly, supposing for just a moment that their allegations are correct (which they’re not); the sheer amount of effort to clandestinely remove billions and billions of litres of water over three years – enough to fool NASA (the same guys who faked the moon landings), prevent meaningful precipitation over a catchment area of 500 square kilometres (for Theewaterskloof alone) for 36 months and make news headlines worldwide surely deserves some sort of accolade?
Admit it: that is an incredible endeavour.

And for those thinking of switching their upcoming election vote away from the DA because of the way that they handled the crisis (and yes, it certainly wasn’t perfect), please make sure you choose to vote for a party which you genuinely believe could have managed it any better.
There’s suddenly not such a great selection any more, hey?

I’m still adding great music

After a brief hiatus over Christmas, I’m back adding great music to my popular Inspired By 6 Spotify playlist.

Take a look at what’s available here:

Or via this link:

This week (amongst others) I have added Sleeper’s first new song in 21 years: Look At You Now.

And the poignant, heartbreaking new single from The Cranberries – with vocals recorded in the week before Dolores O’Riordan’s untimely death a year ago. Almost prophetically called All Over Now and detailing a miserable night in a London hotel, it’s weird to hear that voice singing something new.

There’s lots more as well – I think we’re up to somewhere around the 140 tracks mark, and that’s 10 hours of really good music.

Please click through, follow and share. Because together, we need to continue to fight the good fight against the dodgy popular, Ar un Bee and hippity hop waves sweeping our musical shores.


Found wandering on a road in Constantia this morning, this little guy:

See how God favours him with a sunbeam?

He’s a baby guineafowl. Yep, they really are the inverse version of the ugly duckling, aren’t they?

After a few calls around vets and rescue centres, we finally found someone who looks after the birds in the aviary at a local garden centre to take him in.

Thanks, Jen.

He was very weak and I’d suggest that his chances of survival are less than 50:50. But to be fair, his chances of survival while stumbling around in the middle of Brommersvlei Road were far lower.

Good deed done. Thoughts, prayers and pledges of cold, hard cash to the usual email address. Thanks.

The asparagus post

And, following on from yesterday’s entirely justified rant: this.

Of course she has. [Link]

Jemima Packington, 63, is the world’s only Asparamancer and claims she can peer into the future by tossing the veg in the air and interpreting how the spears land.

Now, I could start yesterday’s rant all over again, but I’m not going to. This woman is clearly mad, and anyone that is actually taken in by her asparamancy is clearly even madder. The worst part about this situation is that some people will believe that what she says is true, just like some people will have believed the claptrap on the oldiewonk radio yesterday afternoon.

But why on earth would you believe anything she says? Well, because she has a proven track record in being correct. You can see her 2018 predictions on the link above. 10/13 is 77% – impressive stuff; although I do have a few points as to the predictions and whomever did the marking.

Like, for example:

Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will occur around the globe.

Will they really, Jemima? Presumably in a similar manner to each of the previous several million years, then. So yes, you’re right, but when I tossed my cucumber (careful now), I predicted that some of time in 2018, it would “be rather breezy”.

I was also correct.

And your:

Politics will be rocked by a string of scandals.

scored you a mark as well. But again, this sort of prediction is akin to one of those mediums that goes on stage at your local theatre and confidently states that someone in the audience has a name that begins… with a letter.

You said:

The Bitcoin bubble will burst.

Our survey said: yes. As did Forbes, The Guardian, a lot of Wall Street Bankers, Fortune magazine, the Washington Post, and anyone with a brain.

And then this one:

Resurgence of the book as opposed to cyber libraries and video gaming.

Which was marked as correct because, apparently:

Book sales income rose by 5 per cent

Which sounds great until you hear that video games sales rose by more than twice that amount:

According to industry analysis firm NewZoo, the video game industry was worth US$134.9 billion by revenues in 2018, a 10.9% growth over 2017.


Thankfully, Jemima tells us:

I always look forward and never really look back.

Which is convenient.
But hey, let’s look forward too, with Jemima’s predictions for this year – and gosh – she’s really gone out on a limb with some cracking efforts, like:

Exciting new technology will be launched.

Wow. Are you sure? OK, I guess the asparagus has spoken, but I simply can’t believe that any new technology will be launched in 2019, let alone “exciting” and “new” technology. I mean, come on now. Hooda thunk it? Madness.

Extremes of temperature become the norm.

There’s clearly no scientific basis for this, so I very much doubt it will happen. This would clearly buck the trend we’ve seen each and every year for the past few decades and I simply refuse to believe that it could occur.

US romantic musical ‘A Star is Born’ will win an Oscar.

One of the most critically acclaimed and successful films of the previous year will win a film award in an awards ceremony which historically gives film awards to the most critically acclaimed and successful films of the previous year?

I can’t see that happening.

Asparagus will see an all-time high in sales.

At your local greengrocer?
Very meta, but yeah – I think we can all agree on this one.

I would definitely forget to follow up on this post in 12 months time, if not for the cryptic “Asparamancy” reminder I just put on my Google calendar, which will mean nothing to me when it pops up.

World’s gone mad (Volume 4,386)

Chaos in UK over Brexit.
Have you done the #10yearchallenge yet? It’s (possibly) sinister (or not).
Scientists being forced to apologise for calling out acupuncture for being the shitty pseudoscience that it is.
A ridiculous amount of fuss from everyone – yes, everyone – over a shaving ad.
Zimbabwe in a mess. Again.
Terrorism in Kenya. Again.
USA in Government Shutdown paralysis. Again.
And the usual suspects on SA’s social media scene reminding us what we should think, type and how we must feel about all of these things.

If ever there was time for an asteroid intervention, this would surely be it.
But I’d actually like to see how the footy season ends first. Please.

So I’m a bit torn right now.

Thankfully, there’s always one voice of sanity in this mad, mad world. The steady, sensible voice of independent Primedia Broadcasting on the Medium Wave. The rock on which millions of several upper middle class South Africans can depend. I don’t listen myself, but if I was 70, I would, because they’ll tell you exactly what’s going on in a no nonsense fashion – just like in the 1950s. Not the 1950s here, obviously: there was plenty of nonsense happening then. No, the 1950s in good old Blighty where you knew where you stood and people were polite and frank and honest – and didn’t subscribe this this kind of BS:


Woowoo peddling is obviously to be expected from some sources out there, but maybe you’d assumed you’d get better from Radio 702, because you thought that they were more highbrow, more discerning, more intelligent.

They’re not. They’re just as bad as all the others and if you choose to accept this from them, then what other compromises are you willing to make whiling away the daytime hours with their smooth-talking disc jockeys? And why?
Honestly, if this is an example of their political insight, surely just head to the Daily Sun for your election news? At least there you know what you’re getting and there’s no pretence about being all la-di-da and genuine.

World’s gone mad. Seriously. (I may have said this 4,385 times before .)