Behold the ecocapsule

More nonsensical eco-design stuff, this time from Nice Architects (I think we’ll be the judge of that) of Slovakia. It’s a 4.45 x 2.25m, 1.5 ton, self-sustainable “house”.

Ecocapsule01I loved this line from the Engadget write-up:

The structure’s shape also allows its inhabitant to collect rainwater by placing containers around it.

Amazing! Incredible! Behold: the future! What a time to be alive!
No. Actually, this was a serendipitous discovery after one of the designers accidentally left a bucket outside on his patio on a wet day in Bratislava.

But that aside, I’m sure that the rest of technology in the Ecocapsule is ever so clever (Spoiler: er… no. It’s basically just some solar cells and a wind turbine attached to a battery).
So, what’s the point? No-one wants to live in anything that small, because it’s completely impractical, and if anyone actually did want to live in anything that small, surely it would make more sense for it to have wheels and therefore be mobile.

We could call it… “a caravan”.

Pricing is yet to be announced, but with just shipping to the Eastern Seaboard of the USA costing $2,400 (a shade under R30,000), it’s reasonably expected be somewhere between “astronomical” and “holy crap, that’s totally ridiculous”.

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Mrs (Newcastle) Brown

Newcastle’s Premiership survival, some lovely red wine and a couple of episodes of Mrs Brown’s Boys have taken precedence over a proper blog post this evening.
I trust that you’ll understand. And if not, I’m sure that there’s a form somewhere that you can fill in.

Good luck with that.

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(I had this) Thing of Beauty

Nemone’s Electric Ladyland show on BBC Radio 6 a couple of weeks ago featured the Kraak and Smaak remix of Royksopp’s I Had This Thing. I was transfixed for the whole 8 minutes. Wonderful.

Click that big orange dot, top left, to experience it.

Available from iTunes as part of a package of 9 remixes for a very reasonable R39.99.

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Alan Woodward

awI’ve just heard the sad news that Sheffield United legend Alan Woodward has died at his home in the US aged 68.

Alan made an incredible 640 appearances for the Blades over 14 years and remains the Blades’ second highest ever scorer. As a kid, he was one of the first players I can remember recognising – perhaps because of his distinctive “silver” hair.

As one of the club’s biggest stars, he was among the contingent of ex-players who celebrated the 125th anniversary back in September last year – including a lap of honour ahead of the Gillingham game which I was lucky enough to see.

Here he is describing coming back to Beautiful Downtown Bramall Lane.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Of course, there will always be discussions over the best players ever to wear the Red and White, but I think that any United fan who had seen him play would include ‘Woody’ in their top three.

Sad news indeed.

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Volcano photos

More great photography from someone else. Previously, we have deduced that to take great landscape photos, you need to be in Iceland. Now we learn that to take great volcano photos, you need to be in Guatemala, more specifically 3600m up the side of Volcano Acatenango, overlooking Volcano Fuego, and you need to have your:

trusty (and well-loved) gaffer-taped Nikon Df hooked up to a 21mm Zeiss 2.8 and Gitzo 1542T tripod.

and also:

a Nikon 35mm 1.4, and an old Nikkor 55mm 1.2 in case [you] need something tighter.

Those old Nikkor 55mm 1.2’s eh? So much tighter.

I’m no expert on the field on photography, but I think that those are mainly camera things.
But the trivial details of what they are rapidly vanish when they produce stuff like this:


And this:

v1Sorry for leaving them so very big. I think they need to be big.

These are the work of “photographer and traveler” Andy Shepard, and I think that they’re quite superb. If you want to learn more about how he got to take them, the full story is here on the 500px blog. (Does not include map of Guatemala.)

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