Sad to be leaving something close on paradise, but looking forward to our own beds.
Tomorrow, real life resumes, with less snorkeling, almost no cocktails by the pool and quite possibly a visit to PicknPay.

Coming down hard.

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Last day

Last full day of our holiday, and we filled it with dolphin hunting (not with harpoons or anything), video editing, snorkeling, some more archery and a ridiculously energetic game of football.

Even Thasveen’s towel art sculpture was way off the charts, building, as it did, to a week-ending crescendo of loving swans bathed in local flowers and foliage.
Photos will obviously follow.

Tomorrow, die Groot Trek home begins. And ends, we hope. At home, that is.

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Sports which I’d never tried before which are actually quite cool: Archery.

Sports which I’d never tried before which have left me wondering why on earth anyone would ever bother with that particular sport: Waterskiing.

I mean, really…

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Not a big problem

There are many good things about where I am right now. Geographically, I mean. (Mentally, things aren’t too bad, but it’s still a bit busy up there.)

But I digress. Often. (That’s one of the symptoms.)

One thing that is a bit sketchy here is the internet. It’s not fast and it doesn’t always work. That might not seem like a big problem, and that’s because it’s not a big problem, but for me, internet access is important because I read the internet like other people read books around the pool.
(Obviously, also, there’s blogging to be done.)


And when I’m not around the pool, I’m on the beach (above) or snorkeling on the reef or getting better at archery (admittedly from a rather low starting point) or something else.

But it’s nice to have the internet to fall back on when you want to catch up or share photos with friends and family. When it’s not available, I have to occupy my hands with holding a beer.

Like I said, it’s not a big problem.

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Memory Monday

Well, there’s Flashback Friday [is there? – Ed.] and Throwback Thursday, so why not Memory Monday?

Easy way to slip a quota photo in while I’m out hunting swimming with dolphins in the Indian Ocean. And since I’m writing this on Father’s Day (dolphins having comprehensively failed to invent wifi yet), here’s one of of my dad.

A belated Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.
And for more up to date photos, maybe check out my Instagram

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