The day is coming…

…when this will be me and Scoop:


There are a few differences though: I don’t own a green pullover (or any pullover, come to think of it) and I haven’t picked up a newspaper in years. Oh, and I don’t have screws for ankles.

The kids are very tech-proficient though. Alex has been emailing his best friend (who has been away) regularly and converses regularly with his UK grandparents via Skype and email. He also helps out Granny with her computer issues. Scoop is learning at school and from her brother.

However, the day that I get that sort of reply after a day at school will be the day that their internet access gets immediately revoked. Technology needs to work symbiotically in our lives; it’s not a replacement for human or family interaction.

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No-one ever asks me how I am. Loads of people ask me how the bloody dog is though. And when they ask me how the bloody dog is, I’m going to send them here and then not only can they find out how the bloody dog is, they can also see that I might appreciate it if they’d occasionally ask after my well-being too.

Anyway, it’s no biggie, because I’ve found that all one has to do is chuck a photo of a puppy on the blog, like this one taken last night:


…and the hits just roll in. Even if the dog looks rather unsure about things.

Look, the dog is fine. Thanks for asking.

It’s getting big: 4.6kg at the last weigh-in. It’s noisy*, it’s nippy, it doesn’t sleep much (at night, anyway) and it’s generally a bit of a pain. I’d actually really like to get rid of it now, because the novelty has worn off and it’s a whole lot more work than I was promised, it’s costing loads of money and it’s all take with no reward at the moment, but (much like the individuals referred to at the start of this post) my family would probably rather I left than it did.

And so we persevere.

* Apparently, beagles don’t “bark”, they “bay”, thus Colin’s noise is “baying”. I think “baying” may just be short for “Bloody AnnoYING”.

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Lucky Stab Victim

“Four men stabbed in 24 hours in London” screams the Evening Standard. And of course it’s bad news, but there could be worse to come if you actually get knifed. That’s because the job of getting you to appropriate medical treatment seems to be pretty much down to chance.


So while he’s got to be a bit irritated about getting stabbed in the first place, at least fortune popped back to smile upon him and they inadvertently managed to get him to the local emergency department.

I’d definitely want to be rushed to hospital deliberately.

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Misheard lyrics

Been meaning to share this for a while.

Peter Kay with some entirely justified examples of what he thought the words were to some of your best-loved songs.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

“Your burgers are the best…”

Lol. :D

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Look Younger

Beauty Tips by Snoopy:


Can’t argue with logic like that. I might have to give it go.

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