Busy skies…

Today’s QP is an image from a couple of weeks ago.

Big on black here

Those are Cape Gannets (Morus capensis) in a feeding frenzy over  a shoal of fish just off the Struisbaai coast. It was a case of dive, eat, lift off, dive, eat, lift off and repeat. Also in on the act (at water level) were a few Cape Comorants (Phalacrocorax capensis).

Most of the birds around here are Cape birds. You may have noticed that.

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Durban has been cool. It’s a scruffy place, but that’s not necessarily a criticism. It handles its scruffiness well. It’s part of its character.

We’ve seen giraffes, zebras, a steam train, a host of exotic birds, dolphins and several (or more) water slides.

One thing we haven’t seen is any reasonable way of uploading photos to Flickr, and as we move on, there seems even less chance of that being sorted in out Wild Coast home for the next few days.
I know this will hurt you, dear readers, but not bringing a laptop along was very much part of the idea of this whole trip.

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Punting my Instagram

I’m hoping to take lots of photos while I’m away this week. Some of them will end up on my Flickr, some on my Instagram.

I’ve got almost 300 posts pictures on there now and I’m adding works of painted light on a fairly regular – yet hopefully not overbearing – basis. Here are a few recent examples:

qq IMG_20150621_174525 IMG_20150616_100610 IMG_20150618_094044
If you should decide that you want to follow me on Instagram, here’s the link. If you should decide that you want to tell your friends to follow me as well, that’s also fine.

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People put the weirdest things on the internet. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Often, either way, it’s on tumblr. Here are a few that could fall into either category.

Who Rang My Doorbell?

I wired up some automation such that a webcam takes a picture of whomever rings my doorbell.

He did. The result is a number of uninteresting, slightly out of focus photos of uninteresting, slightly out of focus people.


Kim at the museum

Man holds up photos of Kim Kardashian in front of artwork.

Some of these are quite good. Most, not so much.



Photos Arranged Side-by-Side to Create Clever Scenes

Yeah. This is pretty clever stuff.

tumblr_nq9zu0NZoc1s6ziw6o1_1280See? It’s half a photo of an aerosol can and half a photo of a fire hydrant. Clever, ne?

Drunk Furniture

Upholstrred, mate. Abslertly uppholsted.

Furniture in unusual places, doing unusual stuff. Drunk.


Very good. Please leave any other suggestions in the extensive comments section below. Ta.

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Hangover Cure

What a night. How are you feeling this morning?

I spotted this on the Barristers menu recently, and thought it might be of some use one day.

A real hangover is nothing to try out family remedies on. The only cure for a real hangover is death.

It’s from American humourist Robert Benchley.
(He was born 8 days after Sheffield United’s first ever match) (we lost 4-1) (it got better) (a bit).

He may have a point on that cure thing, although the symptoms can be readily relieved by taking copious amounts of Red Bull and Corenza C and spending several hours in bed.

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